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The longer you dance with the devil

the longer you stay in hell 

Reminds me of a life I’ve lived        

a place I knew too well

It’s where I watched demons play

as I lay down for the night

The devil will never get me   

I know wrong from right

He will never take my soul

not without a fight

I have learned to hide my pain

learned to hide it well

Because as we all know that

The longer you dance with the devil

is the longer you stay in hell

By Me


And so I smiled

As sweet as can be

In the face of the monster

Called my reality

I have seen all my demons

Have gone toe to toe

And from this battle, I will win, that I do know

Refuse to give in, will continue my fight

I have so much to live for, not ready to go to the light

So many painful days, so many nights I cried

I know this fight isn’t over, please stand by my side

Don’t want to go this alone, as I have I done in the past

So  take my hand and hold me, tell me this demon won’t last

By Me


Don’t fear death, no need to cry

Fear your life unlived, as it passes you by

Don’t have to live forever, you just need to “live”

Be kind while you are here, with lots of love to give

Do unto others as you would have done unto you

Is the way I am, I practice the golden rule

So when my time has come and I must go

I can leave this earth and in my heart I know

I lived my life the way I thought best

I loved with my heart, and I have no regrets

Don’t fear death, no need to cry

Live your life to the fullest and don’t let it pass you by