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Just think of what we learned just 100 years ago to what we know now.
Think of what we will learn 100 years from now.
What we have around us is but just a small, a very small sample of what is there.
We think we are so very important in this existance
Our exitance.... existance is a limiting term.
That term in itself does not justify what is actually there.
We are but a spec of dust upon a spec of dust in a phyical terms.
Our sun is an ordinary star with nine planets.
Our galaxy has a billion such stars with similar number of planets.
Our galaxy is among 1.5 trillion galaxys in the universe.
If you take all matter and energy of all of this, it is only 5% of what is there.
Of this universe, the rest we cannot yet detect, just observe it's effects.
Layers upon layers. think of an onion and we are only on the outside.
God is far beyond above and below what we even fathon it to be.
The very fabric, the structure, upon what all else lays upon is God.
Our 'universe' even with all 1.5 trillion galaxies is just one.
It extends before and after the 'big bang'.
That said, we exist in a BEAUTIFUL place, ENJOY!
What we experience is SO limiting, we need to open up to what is there and what will be.
Our 'lives' is not the end, and probably was not even the begininng.
What we call death is just a movement to some place else.
You, I, and everyone else are just a collection of experinces.
The basic laws of the universe states that no matter or energy can be destroyed, just converted.
This makes fear absoultely useless and wasteful.