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Current Mood: Loved
Ƭяιcια∘Aη (Tricia, Ann)
Female - 58 years old, Columbus, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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I'm happily married to the perfect man (for me that is). We have a 35 yr old geeky son; a 26 yr old daughter who is trying to find her way in life; and a 17 yr old girl, Princess FooFoo, our surprise.

I want to stress that I am in a very loving and secure marriage.  I'm only here for laughter and friendship.  My whispers are blocked 99.99% of the time and are only opened for those I consider to be friends.

I have my BSBA from OSU.  I work for the Government and I thoroughly enjoy my job.  Actually, I love it so much that a lot of the time my co-workers need to remind me when it's  my break or lunch.

ans-serif,arial,verdana,trebuchet ms; font-size:13px">I love venturing to new places, especially little towns.  Love being on the back of the bike, wearing leathers, hair tied up, helmet on (of course), and snuggling up to my "old man".

Even with all of my faults, I am a Christian who tries to do right.  I guess I don't succeed all the time but who really does?

Partial lyrics below from "Believe" by Brooks and Dunn

[i]I can't quote the book
The chapter or the verse
You can't tell me it all ends
In a slow ride in a hearse
You know I'm more and more convinced
The longer that i live
Yeah, this can't be
No, this can't be
No, this can't be all there is

When I raise my hands, bow my head
I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there'sal more to life than just what i can see
I believe
Oh, I
I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe



mall">If you spin around on your chair really fast, things around here will make a lot more sense.

mall">I've met enough chat men to know that I've met enough chat men ~ Tricia  

Råîñ£øver : right tricia.. I don't always wax but wash

Boţţy sits here, drinking cock in her non-recession paradise in the south pacific      Boţţy : oh shit...coke! i mean COKE

Råîñ£øver : I don't want another womans nuts

J•o•e : in a splash of hello's Tricias wave washed ashore until evey footprint walked beside her (my poem from Joe),

Torben♥ : anus is my favorite staek

Torben : Tricia ...stay bad 

J•o•e : wilard said u were a wiffle bat full of strike outs

IVnik8 : My grandma was run of the mill and a weird purple color        IVnik8 : Gremlin not Grandma

™Cαѕϼєѓ👻® : i acutally got chgecked out by a woman the other day ...I know because she was looking at me like the same way I look at tacos

WₑbₜₐᵣdMₐgₙₑₜ : you push on it and it pops out                       WₑbₜₐᵣdMₐgₙₑₜ : wait                                   WₑbₜₐᵣdMₐgₙₑₜ : that didnt sound right

✞Sm☮︎☮︎thie✞ : you have no skin in this game ya band wagon barbie

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : my ass cant take more than one               ✿Ċħēгγł✿ : candy that is

Ƭяιcια∘Aη : Rain, would you charge ugly men more for a bj?         cʀʌѕʜ : lol               Råîñ£øver : no I wouldn't be looking at their face

 Råîñ£øver : lol cheryl I wanna play with you .. monopoly I mean       

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : yep abc has a lil tiny dick in his pull ups,.. ✿Ċħēгγł✿ : I mean tick       

Råîñ£øver : I don't want another womans nuts.     

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : for once I have no comment lol

💘Ĉħèŕŕŷ💘 : what dong, Cheryl


Maple_Muffin : i dont know enough about american presidents to offer an opinion       

MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : i don't either muffy

Ƭяιcια∘Aη : licky you, maple


MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : i have a bone sperm on my bottom foot

DAIRYorMOO crosses tricia off her to do list 

Ðíáblø : i was missing kimmy         Ðíáblø : i mean i wasn't          Ƭяιcια∘Aη : now you arent        Ðíáblø : damn it        Ƭяιcια∘Aη : haha

🐧MetaPhyzikal2🚴‍♂️ : mother I'd like to F netta

Råîñ£øver : chat is ruining me ... I was looking for this big bag of peanuts the other day.. for someone who quit smoking..... I couldn't find them... I asked this worker, where the big bag of " penis " were ! 

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : that whole thing is going in my mouth at once lol  (swears she was typing about a snickers bar)

Ƭяιcια∘Aη : haha... memories of oral sex.. by chatter cheryl              ⛄️mummzy⛄️ : oh my        ✿Ċħēгγł✿ : well this one time an head camp..      .Ƭяιcια∘Aη : oh hell no... mummzy typed "oh my" to me            MetaPhyzikal2🚴‍♂️ : lol tricia

➰Neo➰ : definition of jostled push, elbow, or bump against (someone) roughly, typically in a crowd. "people jostled against us and what Tricia does in the privacy of her home

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : I dont usually cream that I usually ask are ya done yet  (12.5.20)

PandaDan PardonsOfTheInnocent : Well anyways I'm just hunkering down till the day Tricia's nic and mine can be one    (12.21.20)

MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : ok cmon girls u know he is n lickdown         MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : so we gotta be nice     (1.19.21 about Leo)

MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : well i wish u tons of lick      MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : luck   (4.3.21 to Knight)

🐧MetaPhyzikal2🚴‍♂️ : "I'm meta, and I'm a sex addict".....but I said it to the church congregation (7.12.21)

Ross_7 : a good reason why women should keep their pythons away from their monekeys  (7.16.21)

🐧MetaPhyzikal2🚴‍♂️ : I can't even trust my own trouser snake  (7.16.21)

MissPenelope : kitty believe it or not, beneath this sweet girly exterior beats the heart of a ruthless sadistic maniac   (1.15.22)

MissPenelope : sturds at -30c i`d be combing my pubes up to my neck   (1.16.22)

MissPenelope : what the hell! trish has been copying my quotes!           MissPenelope : this will not do    (1.17.22)

A_KNIGHT_2_REMEMBER : u would rather jerk off a moutain lion with handful of stickers than mess with mummmzy     (1.21.22)

Bot_Sizzle : DJ Dawg now playing: Kansas - Dust In The Wind on          MissPenelope : this is a song about webbies sex life        (1.24.22)

Virgin Adjacent Wₑbbiₑ : Rule # 1 of Chat Fighting: Ensure your threats are grammatically correct          Virgin Adjacent Wₑbbiₑ : Rule # 2 of Chat Fighting: If your IQ is equal to that of a donut, quit while you are ahead          Virgin Adjacent Wₑbbiₑ : Rule #3 of Chat Fighting: If you are going to threaten physical violence through a computer screen, see Rule # 2.    (1.29.22)

Eyecu : lol i wouldn't go toe to toe with tricia....i like my head on my shoulders tyvm    (1.30.22)

MissPenelope : and i have ONE nipple hair that i`ve fought wars with for 15 years     (2.5.22)

TreasureHunta : Set Tricia and Blossom on the ice, theyre hot enough to melt anything     (2.6.22)

Freddy : I can make it bigger for you, Tricia          Freddy : my font, sheesh        Freddy : ohhh look.. it's bed time       (3.2.22)


TrashyKitten : well, rsc is going...i might as well go to now......lunch time! bye friends! 

[02:24p] › TrashyKitten has left the conversation.

[02:24p] › rsc38 has left the conversation.   (3.5.22)                                                                      Good way to start a rumor... bwaa haha

MissPenelope : it`s a terrible shame, easy lover is one of my fave songs            MissPenelope : he wrote it about tricia     (3.27.22)

naüghty gürl : Chain, careful Miss Pen has a penis and she is looking for a peepee to insert it in             MissPenelope : ng please don`t tell people i have a penis     (3.31.22)

🎣fishermanreally_1 : really we love tricia but dont be droolin ok        (4.9.22)

naüghty gürl :  he refused a taste on my vagina lemonade        (4.9.22)

12Ski : vaginal lemonade.........does it have seeds in it?               naüghty gürl : No the vagina deseeds it          (4.16.22)

ArnoldZiffell : Yeah................I don't want or need any of her pink      (4.19.22)

naüghty gürl : Hey, my vagina is pristine      (5.15.22)

Virgin Adjacent Wₑbbiₑ : lmao tricia...I love you       (5.21.22 and she was drunk on vodka)