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Ƭɾíϲíɑ_ɑղ (Tricia, Ann)
Female - 60 years old, Columbus, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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I'm happily married to the perfect man (for me that is). We have a 37 yr old geeky son; a 28 yr old daughter who is trying to find her way in life; and an 19 yr old college sophomore, Princess FooFoo, our surprise.

I want to stress that I am in a very loving and secure marriage.  I'm only here for laughter and friendship.  I enjoy whispering with those I consider to be friends.

I have my BSBA from OSU.  I work for the Government.  I did love my job but a bad group of Admins can ruin a whole lot of team enthusiasm. I love venturing to new places, especially little towns.ans-serif,arial,verdana,trebuchet ms">  Love being on the back of the bike, wearing leathers, hair tied up, helmet on (of course), and snuggling up to my "old man".

Even with all of my faults, I am a Christian who tries to do right.  I guess I don't succeed all the time but who really does?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So true... so very true.  I'm sure there are men who feel the same way about a woman.

Every now and then, I open the box of memories to see if thinking of you still hurts.   It does.   Every single time.       GINNIE BALE


mall">If you spin around on your chair really fast, things around here will make a lot more sense.

mall">I've met enough chat men to know that I've met enough chat men ~ Tricia  

Råîñ£øver : right tricia.. I don't always wax but wash

Botty sits here, drinking cock in her non-recession paradise in the south pacific      Botty : oh shit...coke! i mean COKE

Råîñ£øver : I don't want another womans nuts

J•o•e : in a splash of hello's Tricias wave washed ashore until evey footprint walked beside her (my poem from Joe),

Torben♥ : anus is my favorite staek

Torben : Tricia ...stay bad 

J•o•e : wilard said u were a wiffle bat full of strike outs

IVnik8 : My grandma was run of the mill and a weird purple color        IVnik8 : Gremlin not Grandma

™Casper® : i acutally got chgecked out by a woman the other day ...I know because she was looking at me like the same way I look at tacos

Smoothie: you have no skin in this game ya band wagon barbie

Trιcια∘Aη : Rain, would you charge ugly men more for a bj?         cʀʌѕʜ : lol               Råîñ£øver : no I wouldn't be looking at their face

 Råîñ£øver : lol cheryl I wanna play with you .. monopoly I mean       

Cheryl : yep abc has a lil tiny dick in his pull ups,.. Cheryl : I mean tick       

Råîñ£øver : I don't want another womans nuts.     

Maple_Muffin : i dont know enough about american presidents to offer an opinion        MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : i don't either muffy    Trιcια∘Aη : licky you, maple

MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : i have a bone sperm on my bottom foot

DAIRYorMOO crosses tricia off her to do list 

MetaPhyzikal™‚️ : mother I'd like to F netta

Råîñ£øver : chat is ruining me ... I was looking for this big bag of peanuts the other day.. for someone who quit smoking..... I couldn't find them... I asked this worker, where the big bag of " penis " were ! 

Cheryl : that whole thing is going in my mouth at once lol  (swears she was typing about a snickers bar)

Trιcια∘Aη : haha... memories of oral sex.. by chatter cheryl              â›„️mummzy⛄️ : oh my        Cheryl¿ : well this one time an head camp..    Trιcια∘Aη : oh hell no... mummzy typed "oh my" to me            MetaPhyzikal2🚴‍♂️ : lol tricia

PandaDan PardonsOfTheInnocent : Well anyways I'm just hunkering down till the day Tricia's nic and mine can be one    (12.21.20)

MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : well i wish u tons of lick      MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : luck   (4.3.21 to Knight)

MetaPhyzikal™‚️ : "I'm meta, and I'm a sex addict".....but I said it to the church congregation (7.12.21)

MissPenelope : kitty believe it or not, beneath this sweet girly exterior beats the heart of a ruthless sadistic maniac   (1.15.22)

MissPenelope : sturds at -30c i`d be combing my pubes up to my neck   (1.16.22)

MissPenelope : what the hell! trish has been copying my quotes!           MissPenelope : this will not do    (1.17.22)

A_KNIGHT_2_REMEMBER : u would rather jerk off a moutain lion with handful of stickers than mess with mummmzy     (1.21.22)

Eyecu : lol i wouldn't go toe to toe with tricia....i like my head on my shoulders tyvm    (1.30.22)

MissPenelope : and i have ONE nipple hair that i`ve fought wars with for 15 years     (2.5.22)

TreasureHunta : Set Tricia and Blossom on the ice, theyre hot enough to melt anything     (2.6.22)

Freddy : I can make it bigger for you, Tricia          Freddy : my font, sheesh        Freddy : ohhh look.. it's bed time       (3.2.22)

MissPenelope : it`s a terrible shame, easy lover is one of my fave songs            MissPenelope : he wrote it about tricia     (3.27.22)

naüghty gürl : Chain, careful Miss Pen has a penis and she is looking for a peepee to insert it in             MissPenelope : ng please don`t tell people i have a penis     (3.31.22)

🎣fishermanreally_1 : really we love tricia but dont be droolin ok        (4.9.22)

naüghty gürl :  he refused a taste on my vagina lemonade        (4.9.22)

naüghty gürl : Hey, my vagina is pristine      (5.15.22)

strudysturfyturds : thinking maybe mp falls asleep half way thru and gets a smack to the back of the head to wake her up.... thats what the helmet is for     (mp is Miss Penelope, btw)   (5.29.22)

daz : thought star fishishing was anal cos it looks like a star fish       (6.6.22)

MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : ramrod u know what ur dic means right?      (6.16.22)

JoeG2  : Jona gets all the women     (6.29.22)    That is funny

nauÄ¡hty Ä¡url : Call me tomorrow, I just fingered something out     (8.17.22)

nauÄ¡hty Ä¡url : JOKER! Shit still!      (10.5.22)

PandaDan JustAnotherJerkface : For as long as I have a lap you have a place to sit Tricia       (10.19.22)

MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : the visual of that is not very preety, oh hold on honey i have to take my clackers out so i can gum down on ur weener     (12.31.22)

nauÄ¡hty Ä¡url : Go polish your cocks!      nauÄ¡hty Ä¡url : crocs     (1.2.23)

Seonid : my sincerest wish is to be gay with tricia     (1.7.23)

Sticky_Fingers_Seo : my nose is dripping more than diseased genitalia       (1.14.23)

MS-KIMMY-THE-QUEEN™ : there are actually some genitalmen out there i tell ya        (1.28.23)

Lonesome_Blu™ : Isn’t it funny how watching too much Sesame Street at Tricia’s age tends to screw up the little brain chemical things .....      (11.12.2006)  An oldie but a goodie.     RIH dear Lady

kilty : i dated a guy     kilty : tricia he had me dead to rights-if that was a guy     kilty : tricia south korea-he was pretty for a dude    (3.18.23)

valianttree 🌲 : unlike most woman im not super lickie      (3.18.23)

Eyecu :   (3.19.23)   his penis pic

»ńauġhty ġurl« : On the rear occasions that I drink beer. It has to be practically black beer for me to drink it.    »ńauġhty ġurl« : Rare RARE    (3.23.23)

› ozboss has left the conversation.         › triciacalledmeold has joined the conversation.      › ozmosis has joined the conversation (my new nic for him)         (4.2.23)

whizchem : id lick tricia like a popcicle and id lick pina like peanut butter          (4.16.23)

Miss Penelope : ng would you object to a small sprinkle of parmesan on your vag before oral sex?     (4.23.23)

♬NeTTa♬ : like crotch pheasant i think    ♬NeTTa♬ : an itchy crotch that has something in it     ♬NeTTa♬ : and fire crotch is when they wont wash their ass     (5.4.23)

OutlawGC : I love some Tricia    (5.14.23)      (Said he was typing about classical music.)

ozboss : nuthin to do with cocnuts    (5.17.23)

Miss P's video... reminded me of her immediately >

٠nauġhty ġurl٠Ŧ : Id go on my dick          ٠nauġhty ġurl٠Ŧ : DECK     (7.23.23)

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : Every man should know how to cock and do laundry      💘Ĉħèŕŕŷ💘 : cocking is very important       (8.3.23)

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : I enjoy cocking      ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : It allows me to get lost    ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : COOKING      ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : Damn it     Ťrícíå_ån : profile time...      ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : Patrica Ann, you are so mean     (8.18.23)   sense a theme here?

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : I love cocko pebbles     (8.19.23)

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : I think Liam is hot        Ťrícíå_ån : how old is he?        ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : Dun matter, when his pants are down he will be fine     (8.19.23)

🎣fishermanreally_1 : nice see you to my love muffins       (8.20.23)

Ṕḗậḉḩḕṩ™ : i asked frank one time if he would suck a boiled egg out of my hoohaaa      Ṕḗậḉḩḕṩ™ : he said...ya damn right i would!   Ťrícíå_ån : what if he couldnt get it out?    Ṕḗậḉḩḕṩ™ : i could pop it out tricia lol    (9.3.23)

Down_South : whipser me ur lick RU      Down_South : oops     Down_South : link     Down_South : hahaha       (9.9.23)

Miss Penelope : there `s something very sensual about a sharp knife gliding effortlessly through meat    (9.9.23)

Worlocks : at this point in myeline I would like a woman that goes horn every night    Worlocks : lofe*   Worlocks : hime     Worlocks : shit   (9.10.23)

Miss Penelope : turducken is a chicken roasted inside a dick inside a turkey     (9.14.23)

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : My rear fell off     ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : EAR       ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : OMG    (9.30.23)

Down_South : Trix....good day Boo#124364        (10.20.23)  dont hate, Ladies.  lol

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : You are gunna stay home and cock and clean  (10.27.23)  theme?

abcdef : yea nuts are bonus,,,               abcdef : please nobody save that statement            abcdef : glad cherry isnt here      (11.1.23)

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : I love me some cock.   I'll take it as long as its pretty.   ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : It can not BEND.   I will not fuck around corners.    no odd coloring.   it has to be uniform.    No big old veins.   No saggy balls.    Nothing shaved.    Man has to look like a man.    He cant be too thick.   or to long.    BUT,    The head, has to look like a viking helmet.      Well, it does.     Ever see when they look like deflated balloons,   I frighten men,   No prince for me, only kings,     Oh and they should be pinkish,    But not Barbie pink,    I am wiser than I look, I want a real time photo,    I could do a cock quiz     (11.5.23)

Miss Penelope : i`d go for your balls cardi!       (11.9.23)

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : NG< Peaches wants to know....would you eat an egg cocked in a vagina?    ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : fuck     ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : COOKED   (11.11.23)

Miss Penelope : but can he cock tricia?       Miss Penelope : cook          Miss Penelope : lol i did a ng      (11.18.23)

ozboss : should i put my hand up tricia ??         Ťrícíå_ån : someone teach Oz to use commas, please     (11.25.23)

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : ty Tim  Can I see your penis now?     (12.1.23)

🐍Vipes🐍™ : mondays-classic rock...thursdays-metal...fridays-get oz laid music....saturdays-top 10 at 10        Tωἶղƙlε_მղ❆ : haha... Friday is the Miracle show?        (12.14.23) 

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : The next man I have sex with, I am going to fuck into a coma    (12.19.23)

٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : My rears are fine too     ٠nauġhty ġurl٠ : EARS     (12.20.23) 

[07:26a] Worlocks : had an echomdone yesterday and it's official ZI do have a heart  [07:34a] Ƭɾíϲíɑ_ɑղ : Wait... Worlock HAS a heart?         (1.25.24)

[12:09p] strawberryblde : FLASHES SMACK.......YES I CAN FEEL MY TITS     (1.28.24)

[12:19a] Miss Penelope : i would be head taster tricia    [12:20a] Ƭɾíϲíɑ_ɑղ : lol MIss P... "head taster" could mean other things    (2.10.24)    (supposedly this was in regards to opening a winery)

[10:00a] Riggins : i think we should call you goldielocks        [10:02a] Riggins : tricia, when cock hunting, one was too big, she passed, one was too small, she passed, but the third well that fitted just perfectly      [10:02a] Riggins : and thus the legend of Goldilocks began       (2.16.24)

[ 02:26p ] JoeG2 : you might want to go to long dong slivers.      (3.9.24)

[07:31p] Fřīġė™ wonders if ng moved all her cocks ahead      [07:32p] Fřīġė™ : clocks*       (3.10.24)

[09:59p] Miss Penelope : miles this is water off a dick`s back, i prefer the word "determined"       [10:00p] Ƭɾíϲíɑ_ɑղ : lmao... did she mean 'duck'?       [10:00p] Miss Penelope : shhh a honest typo      (3.15.24)

[08:52p] Miss Penelope : gk i have some swedish "jag tyker kuk" means i like cock     (4.13.24)

[05:48p] SusanR1112 : i keep sucking your cock     [05:52p] Șτરλώßεrrψßldε❣ : not minute we are talking about the price of gas ...then BOOM....sucking cock....      [05:54p] ŋauġhty ġurļ : Go on Susan, suck to your hearts content     (4.18.24)

[11:18a] RubberBrother : Tricia will be Chatter of The Year         [11:18a] RubberBrother : Host of The Year Peaches        [11:19a] RubberBrother : Tricia your own parking spot also for 1 year and free meals at the Buzzen cafeteria     (4.20.24)     (I just want my trophy)

[10:06p] WORLOCKS : if ng typed that it wold probably have come out cock sniffer     (6.1.24)

[02:18a]  Lockport_Michael : ok good to know, I will try to play some older Spanish, Cuban and Mexican Music for you by way of introfuction        (6.9.24)

[09:15p] Miss Penelope : di i did a dong for someone       [09:15p] Ƭɾíϲíɑ_ɑղ : a dong?     [09:15p] Lockport_Michael : a dong?      [09:15p] Miss Penelope : song    [09:16p] Miss Penelope : someone has to stand in for ng         (6.15.24)

[09:39p] WhizChem® : good to know i am in good company on tricia saved comments       [09:39p] Miss Penelope : wiz she`s evil and misses nothing    [09:40p] Miss Penelope : darth tricia          (6.15.24)

[07:59p] 🎣fishermanreally_1 : with the wonderfukk Tricia the wonderwoman of chat     [07:59p] 🎣fishermanreally_1 : suppose be full lol      [07:59p] 🎣fishermanreally_1 : oh sheeeshhhhhhhhh       (6.19.24)

ans-serif,arial,verdana,trebuchet ms; font-size:13px">Worlocks : do wet dreams count as an active sex life asking for a friend      (7.4.24)

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