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Female - 57 years old, My Own Little World, United States
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Life is all choices. Often we do not make the best ones then we want to blame everyone else for our problems. Don't like something in your life? Only you have the power to change it but instead many would rather medicate and wallow around in self pity. We all have hidden stories from our past. If bad things happened to you as a child, I am sorry. You did not deserve that but you are an adult now. It's time to leave the past behind you where it belongs and start living. I have arisen from the ashes of Hell and stand here in defiance of those who left me for dead.  Would I like my life to have been easier? Of course, but then I would have never learned the lessons or appreciated the things given. People and things cross our paths for a reason and sometimes we do not always know why right away but one day you will. I am who I am. Take it or leave it as my life will continue regardless. Life is far too precious to waste time with lies and deceptions.

I like to research and help parents better understand their children with Aspergers. Aspies have the power to change the world [with the right guidance] and have throughout history. We owe most of our technological advances to Autism.


For success in science and art, a touch of Autism is essential ~~~Hans Asperger

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