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Posted: 2017-10-31 4:43:44 am Category Politics Viewed 332 times Likes 0

Well I thought i could make it without commenting but nope gotta say something.  Halloween is for kids. Why do the snowflakes and liberals have to get involved with all the crap about what costumes are racial or oppressive or offensive or make others feel upset.  Its halloween get over it.  Kids wear them cause they liked the movie or cartoon or wherever they saw them thats it.  Kids are not racial, we make them that way and my God I can't believe you're using halloween costumes as your tool.  Stop it.  Stop it now.  Leave at leasst a few things for kids to enjoy.

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2017-10-31 4:15:25 pm
Let’s leave politics out of it Alt. Right? Seriously tho, coming from a woman who doesn’t affiliate with any one political party, I see the radical Christians making a big deal out of it here in Oregon, everyone else is baffled why we can’t take the one day a year it is not only allowed but also encouraged to dress like the sluts & whores we are & do so without someone, anyone be upset... truly I am offended by everyone being offended by every damn thing.