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Current Mood: Balanced
Female - 60 years old, Coventry, Rhode Island, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married

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I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by some incredibly wonderful people who help keep me grounded.

Many things have broken my heart, fortunately...those same things fixed my vision.

I over think...which often leads to someone's undoing, sometimes even mine.

I have forgiven myself for my past mistakes and it empowered me.

I have lost and found myself countless times, so, I consider myself a work in progress. When we cease to grow and learn, we cease to live.

I value peace and tranquility over attention, so not everyone has access to me.

Life is short, find joy when and where you can.

I'm not waiting for a hero.

I don't need anyone to complete me.

I saved myself.

I am not lonely, I am whole and complete within myself.

I like poetry, music, real conversations, genuine people and being silly.

Toxic, negative, dramatic people suck the life out of me, so I avoid them.

I can love a person beyond measure and still walk away when I know its an unhealthy relationship.

I'll say hi (sometimes) it doesn't mean I like you, I'm being polite.

What I want is someone who makes me laugh, who understand that I have a serious side and that I am an empath, I can feel your negativity and I will avoid you at all costs

If you are under 60, a woman, a walking, talking, typing erection...don't whisper me.
I don't make small talk, so don't bother wasting your time or mine. 

When my back is against the wall...I come out fighting.

I talk when I have something to say and most often, chat is just a way to kill time, I'll never receive a participation trophy, because, well, I don't participate.