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Current Mood: Loved
banaThiery (*bana, *)
Female - 39 years old, At her Master's Feet, United States
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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**Currently travelling with her Master across the vast lands of Gor** 

Collared by Master Thiery

On 2/2/13

 bana wears a Turian Collar

kept naked for her Master’s pleasure bana is allowed to wear

a silver bracelet, placed upon her right wrist by His hand

an anklet of silver bells, gifted by Master Rowan

small hoops, gifted by Mistress Petra


Use is with her Owner’s permission only

bana may be punished by any Free short of maiming/killing


Master has given his permission for bana to accept

 non candy treats from other Free,


bana may not eat directly from any other's hand but his



my silence is not weakness, but rather the beginning of my revenge