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easy going, helpfull when i can work, computers, coding Just my thouts when it comes to us and war and the people
well not to start a debate but when it come to what were doing over sea;s it needs to be done,
but befor you say or think anything about that comment ask your self this, was you over there the frist time,
if not are you just baseing your opion by that u seen on the news or papers, how about the 2ed time, or even after 9/11
was u there, did you see how the people lived in fear every day and night,i can say this frist hand outta 100 people who says
were wrong for being over there,95% of them wouldnt live long enough to see the next yr, then 2% of the other 5% would be scared
for the rest of there lives,I have been there 7 times in the past 13 yrs, i have seen the changes there, its getting better
for there people and in the end it will be better for are people here,it take time
DOnt get me wrong i dont agree with everything on how were getting  it done,BUT at the same time ITS not all about Bush,
its about the body we put there by are votes,
Frist mistake we made was taken ( The Declaration Of War )off the table , By us doing that we have limited are armys ect.... with what
thay can and can not do, we tyed there hands behind there backs with a foe that has no mercey what so ever,Hence we lose more
of are soilders bc they cant shoot to kill on instink but only when shot apond.
Now for the price of gas,we are doing that to are selfs,think about it when u go to work How many employees are riding with u
4 or maybe 5, i think not, i thnk its just you,also how many trips to the store for food a week,or to just go bc u got $$ in your pockets
i bet at least 2 times a week, so now we have 5 trips to work and 3 to the store a week, and 99% of the time you are by your self,
Did you know the us uses more gas in one day the all of china in a month and more then europe usen in 2 weeks
so in other word stop and think is it realy the govermnet doign this, or in all reality is it actualy the people.
now i do agree we need to start to help are selves,But stop and think about this
with what were doing now, if we wasnt doing it now, how would the world be if this was alowed to go on for say the next
20 yrs,think 9/11 was bad, that was nothing compired to what could come in 20 yrs time,we went back for a #er of resons
and belive it or not it had nothing to do with GAS, it was there people and wepons of mass kills,have them been found, at the
time no, have them been found now, YES, i have seen them my self,3000 ground to ground missle, 1200 ground to air missle,all in one stock
pile,so befor you look for blame, thnk about,was u there NO!!!!
but some of us have seen way to much
i spent 18 yrs with the us army,for one of the greatest contrys in the world,i have seen alotta stuff in my time,
i think it's about time the people need to stop and think What can i do to help,instead of what can i do to bash
the bush area,or the gas.taxes ect,,
and as far as wiretaping IM 100% behind it, i have nothing to hide what so ever,so what differance does it make,
i can answer that right now whith what 90% of you thinking,YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY,WHAT ABOUT THE RIGHT TO LIVE,
AND LIVE WITH OUT FEAR,i see it like this if just one wire tap over heard a plot to save a plaine or even 1 life bc a chat smile
call was listened it to it was worth it.
Do you all rember the flight of 101 over lockerbie scottland,well i was only 14 or so at the time,a girl by the name of
thoe cowin was on that plain , and she got blowed up with all of them and died when she hit the ground, after falling
15,000 ft. And Yes it was proven that most of the people on that plain was still alive when they hit the ground , THat was my sisters best freind at the time.she was from Port Jervise New York,my home town, it was a changed town
from then on, INcluding me!
thats were i decided i was going in the army, i wanted to make a differance when i got older,
so at 17 i joined, and yes in some ways i feel i did make a differance no matter how small it was,
Now this is what most people dont know,
Did you know that whole Job of blowing up the Plain was done over the (Phone) and Fax.NOW (42 calls and faxes to be exact After the fact) u see why im 100% behind it,
and the ones who isnt i see it as ( WHAT DO U HAVE TO HIDE )
 sorry but had to vent my anger with that people have no real true to life clue on whats going on!!!
   ty i hope this at least opens some of the peoples minds on whats realy going on and whos to blame.
  10th mountain div / 4th group / 154 CHV eng/ SFC *** * ******
 and for the gruros out there yes 11/12/13/51/B 51/D (40) - 51/H - 88/m  - 62/63/64 J (40)  100/C/D/E 88/m and yes 09W when i retired out