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Current Mood: Melancholy
Kacey1234 (Kathy, *)
Female - 73 years old, Pennsylvania, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single, not dating

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Im just me, nothing fancy here. Im a vet , glad to have served my country. If you think its bad here try another country. If your gonna bitch about our country, you have the freedom to leave, alot of people are prisoners in their own countries. Always open to a good discussion,  makes life interesting and you learn others ideas and even some new things.not into cyber sex stuff,, typin at puter just doesnt do it for me,, i prefer a real life body for that,, Im 5 4, blue eyes, and Im full figured,,Take it or leave it, the real persons inside  Sorry not into young men, cant understand why a 30 year old would be interested in someone in there 60s.  Dont care for rude people,


Lost my husband in 02, when they say the good die young,, they arent kidding. Lost my youngest brother when he was only 44. Ive watched after my dad since 2010, and he became total care the last three years 24/7. Alziemers and cancer are horrible diseases. ,loast dad in 2018, son was here to help and give me breaks,, and help me keep my sanity,, it was rough going but i kept dad with me till he passed the end of july.  We can only hope we never become a burden to our family in later years.  Enjoy your health, keep doing things that make you happy. Tell your family and friends you love them. They are the people that keep you sane,and are there for you to keep your spirits up.

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