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Current Mood: Crushed
MelliMuffin (Melissa, *)
Female - 47 years old, Coastal Mississippi, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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Married (Open Marriage), Mom of 2 boys, loyal, honest, open, shy, potty mouthed, outspoken with zero filter, funny, intelligent, impatient, stubborn, annoyed easily..will flirt but not into cyber, or camming (unless I am able to stay clothed and you aren't aiming for sexual camming then sure, why not!)...would rather talk to men 55 or younger, just a personal preference so calm your nuts it's nothing personal against you...don't really chat with other women unless I've gotten to know them and are friends so you should be able to deduce that I'm not bi-sexual or gay so ladies, don't bother...even says so under my sexual preference.  

My chat experience has shown me people's true natures and motives...I am not a toy that can be picked up and put down on a whim!  That doesn't stop people though...honestly I'm pretty broken so it's probably better you steer clear.

Into the usual stuff...reading, movies, tv, music, shopping, travelling, playing video games....Imma geek chick.  I strongly believe that there is music out there that reminds people of others, describes people to a T, covers just about any situation and I find music, all types, fascinating and reasons behind why people like what they like fascinating.  If anyone ever finds a song that makes them think about me, or that they think fits me PLEASE reach out and tell me about it.  I would love to hear it!  In the same vein, Martin Sloveig with Dragonette's "Hello"......this song is PERFECT for how I feel about chat


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