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₣ïřęfĩģђtęřMìkę's Profile

Current Mood: Indifferent
Male - 40 years old, Hell....aka...Pittsburgh, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Long-Term Relationship

Updated: 2016-07-16 5:58:07 pm Viewed 3,583 times Likes 1

Just another guy just here to be a pain and have fun. like me or not

"you go....we go"


â‚£ïřęfĩģђtęřMìkÄ™ : started with thumbs now onto cocks.....

ൠÖōōzzyർ : you ever notice that all normal women disappear when ur nead bad?

danger : hello future ex wifie #1

ൠÖōōzzyർ : Near

sheneda : badddddddddddddazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

☠βÃÄŽÃŻŻ☠ : o0o0o0ozy leave me alone

ൠÖōōzzyർ : lmao mikey

☠βÃÄŽÃŻŻ☠ : hi shennie

Outdated_Mistress : stop sooking AZZ

ൠÖōōzzyർ : if i had a cock to suck i sure wouldnt be here

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