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Male - 98 years old, United States
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This next selection is dedicated to an old friend, Patchouly.....and boy do I mean OLD!

A conversationalist, an epicurean, maybe even a hedonist.....all that and more. Always open to a good whisper with one able to carry on a conversation with whole words and sentences, not text-speak. This is chat after all, so being able to articulate your thoughts with something other than a "HRU" is required!

Enough serious stuff. Read this: Beaver Kills Man! Read about it here! : smilei-beaver-kills-man-20130412,0,1390143.story

"Silence is would you please STFU!"

And now a few quotes from the Wall of Shame:

[09:03a] ηαυgнту gιfтвσx🎁 : Everyone have a good day....I have to start cocking chat smile chat smile


[01:13a] sheneda : he has a pastor friend wow

[01:14a] MissPenelope : the pastor is trying to save him shen

[01:14a] MissPenelope : he obv likes a challenge

[01:14a] sheneda : well give him a few more years till he slows down


[01:29a] MissPenelope : thinks your wall of shame would rival the walls of china


[06:54p] ✧ɴαυɢнтy ɢυrl✧↠ : I love to cock

[04:45p] ✧ɴαυɢнтy ɢυrl✧↠ : I hate when my meat is over cocked

50SнαdeѕoғdαнBeαver : Fooks likes it dry even more.......ƑƠÒOŌkƐƦ : Friction breeds content

50ShadesofBrokenResolutions : sometimes this room reminds me of Seinfeld...its a chat room about nothing chat smile

50ShadesofBrokenResolutions : i'd like to see the Great Barrier Reef before it becomes the "Mediocre Barrier Reef"

♫~♥Mollie♥~♫ you know ride... if you put me over BOTH knees.... there is something else in there lmfaoo

groovyme : i dont mind if you beat me

50ShadesofBrokenResolutions : i should quote you on that

groovyme : lol

50ShadesofBrokenResolutions : i will!

groovyme : you canchat smile

groovyme : i will stand up and be counted chat smile

2ɷbumpZ4u© : im off the cock now

02:24a] MissPenelope : we`re a cheeky mob

 ‡ἹnfiniteḄoredom‡® : My nuts should not be a public discussion topic lol

joni : who'd ya have to blow to get the hammer??

50SнαɗєѕσfƲαηιƖƖα : i'd never let a gambling addiction cut into my weed budget chat smile

 50Sнα∂єѕσƒƜσσ∂ : red.....we have kicked for less than that and we have permission to do tone it down please



Şâsĥå : Not me Speedy, I have to behave now

50SɴιғғѕToTнeWιɴd : "now"? chat smile

Şâsĥå : lol

 MsGoosey : this is a sexy room?

 Creamscones : it just means we are all adults, you can share, even over share, be nice, play nice, be respectful, don't come here when your feeling like fighting, pls come when your fun and frishky

XXXXXXXXXX  has sent you whispers (accept | decline). Message: Are you always accustomed to getting your way with all the gals?

†Hίτɱλɴ : i have a loose pussy

 †Hίτɱλɴ :  thank u im a fucking slut

JennaSaisQuoi2 : and i wouldve made your dog very happy

Billvert : Oral makes your whole day....... anal makes your hole weak

[10:15a] ᑎ❤ṖƐƐҠĪᑎƓ : i do have some nice cocks

[04:11p] naughty gurl : Jeannieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a cock pot with no pot and a bag of sour patch kids which have been prelicked and resealed

[02:13a] þεεKąɓσσ❤ : fuck me in the ass

[12:34a] ✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : id let mario eat my starbursts


50ShadesofBrokenResolutions : bring beer gent

interMezzo : 50 is the Elmer Fudd of James Bond intrigue...

[04:58p] ☢ Hybríd ☢ : Yo momma so stupid, she thinks manual labor is a Mexican!

𝓦𝓞ℛℒ𝓞𝓒𝓚𝓢 : my neighbor told me why women are attracted to me

𝓦𝓞ℛℒ𝓞𝓒𝓚𝓢 : she said they see a quiet man and think they can mold me lol

50ShadesofPineapple : no Wor...they see an old man and they say that you SMELL moldy

50ShadesofPineapple : the whole Chik-fil-a thing the other night is a classic example of being stoned and REALLLY screwing up

"Shes like the Chernobyl of cam, her pu$$y has burned a hole from Canada to China......a complete meltdown"

















 Beaver Kills Man! Read about it here!