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Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
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I live life on my terms, at my pace.  I've lived long enough to know that the best thing for me is to do what makes me happy.  I don't give a stuff about the opinions of others when it comes to that.  I'm just someone who's found their place in life.

My taste ain't everybody's, and I'm not too concerned.


I like good food, cold, dark ales, horns in my music, working crossword puzzles with a ballpoint pen (pencils are for pussies,) a bit of scotch, and a wet line.  I live in the outdoors. The sun that shines on my shoulder couldn't be any more fine, and the rain that falls on my head is the best thing yet.


Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

If you judge someone by what you 'perceive' they've done, or by what you 'think' they should do, shame on YOU. You don't live in their world, and they don't live in yours. You have absolutely no idea what the other person has gone through...  mentally, physically, or emotionally. Since you haven't walked one blessed inch in their shoes, shut the fuck up and stick to your knitting.


Alarm bells are there for a reason, idiot.


        I listen to a LOT of music during my downtime. Music, and my iPod, help to keep me sane. If it shows up here, I've heard it recently.     If it puts a dip in my hip and a glide in my stride, you'll see it here. And if you listen, truly listen, you'll know more of me.