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Current Mood: Apathetic
Emerson (Emerson, *)
Female - *Wherever I lay my head at night *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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Where to begin... I was born to Auralee and the FreeMan SevenOutlaw. At the time of my birth they decided that I would be raised in the ways of my mother., With

​that being sa​id my life was fillied with fun yet hard lessons along with bumps and bruises which at the time felt natural, When I was a day away from my 18th birthday, My father met a mysterious death I was reassured by mother He didnot suffer., With that said  love and permission was given for me to set off on an adventure towards the

​North in hopes of discovering more of My father's people . I was saddened to learn from an old wise man that the only one named SevenOutlaw had left after the Kur had wiped out His village.

​My adventures has taken me to many places across the expanse of the world some intresting yet others were much too dreadful to speak of., Feeling the call of Home I

​returned only to discover my mother gone, After the intial shock of Her departure wore off., I decided it was time to step out on my own and make them both proud of the person I have become ..  ​( If you wish to know more of Emerson perhaps we will cross paths along the way and you can discover ​just a bit​ about Me and perhaps Me about you ....!!  Let the mis-adventures begin )

" I'm by no means stupid , with that being said till I'm completely and 100% comfortable back within role play I and I alone decide Emerson's fate ., if that is not agreeable with you please kindly whisper me and I shall gladly leave your room!.

​FYI ​For the sake of RP please remember Emerson is rough around the edges ​After all ​She wasn't raised in the Cities so with that said I shall be playing her as I feel she would be !!

"When , I'm in heaven I'll remember your lips and as you roast in hell 

I think you'll remember mine "