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👢ξƈℓϊѕѕі👢 (Eclissi, Chatelli)
Female - 48 years old, Sin City, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married

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About me:

I am a proud room Co-Owner to the most amazing buzzen chat room Open Minded; I spend a lot of time in here cause I have made some fabulous friendships and this is family to me too in some cases.

​If you have any questions, comments, kudos, concerns or complaints, please feel free to send me an email with your nickname in the subject @

​Emails that aren't regarding the chat room, will be trashed and your email will result in a block.

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I chat smile sizzle and all of their Dj's I am the most happiest when they join our room to make it even greater!!!

If you are chat challenged and can't read more than one sentence, stop here.  If not, you may continue to reading.

Whispers, I have this huge thing for whispers...Do not whisper me to say hi or tell me I'm beautiful, do not whisper me if you find it "cute" to think that I may be attracted to you, I am not.  Most importantly DO NOT whisper me to tell me "Your beautiful"  it isn't your it is you're, if you can't spell, you need to move on, it irritates me that you can't spell the one thing you want to convey to me. (Done)

I chat because; I have friends, whom throughout the years I have cultivated and have come to love and cherish.  This you may not ever understand, but I am not expecting that from everyone in chat.  I am not here to romance, cam, have sex or entertain empty minds.  I am also not here to gossip, get involved in chat drama, hate on one or the other.  This is my relax time away from my real life, which happens to revolve around my family.

When I am here; I like to laugh, be myself, be casual and free.

Your opinion of me, it's simply that, an opinion.  Your idea of me doesn't define who I am, before you think of labeling me, think of getting to know me and find out who I really am based on your own opinions, and not going by what anyone else says.  Remember that before me coming to chat, before you think wrongly of me; I have already been established as an individual, and your negativity will not change or affect me, but it will say a lot about you to me.

I give the respect that is given to me, I am not here to belittle anyone, but I am not here to be anyone's door mat either.

Oh! And lastly, I have zero problem expressing my thoughts, so if I come across as rude, rough or otherwise, think of what was said that got me to open my big mouth. Beware because once started, I can't shut up!!

Having said all this. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, lets keep it real! 


Describe me in one word

( tell me what you think of me that describes me, only one word, I will copy and paste your nickname to my profile with your word)

ɅτvЯάcɛʀ : Mine

🌻JAXn🌻 : Complete

🍂valianttree🍂 : Unforgettable

««HøgWî£Ð™»» : Married

💎Glιттεяѕ💎™ : Short


MikeyLikesIT : elusive

☕️Ƈυρριє☕ : outgoing

sheneda : Texasstar

willnotwilliam :  intrigueing

ღŚåsĥåღ : authentic,

ƁƛƇƘƧƬƛƁƁƛƬӇ : Nectarous

Dάηсίη̉☩Ḿσση™ : caring

Joɧɲɳŷ☠β☠βสd© : Lady

Sandy Baby : sweet

m52§peedy : asian

♥Môuñţaiñ†Ĺövĕř♥ : Enigmatic

americantart : "TheBeesKnees".

ƑƠÒOŌkƐƦ : Tolerable

mommyelly : Efforvescent!!!

HitchHiker : cool

Moonglow : Tough

pimanoh1 : vivacious

BlameitontheDog : Exciting

™Pᴏʀᴄʜᴅᴏɢ™ : precious

meddler2900 : strongńuḃleŧŧè♠ : asertive

Dunes™ :  lovely 

daz : diamond

⚒∊∈Ϩ℈Ɲ∋∍⚒℠ : expialidocious

𝕭𝖗𝖎𝖈𝖊 : enjoyable

TheFirstWizardofWar : sexy

~SouthernGent : sweetheart

FLY Guy :  'real'

UnderDog2 : complicated

ᾯĐraġoňĿaĸeᾯ : Superdelicious

MovingInStereo : vivacious

ƤȃρǻŴơłƒ : determined

MissPenelope : Divalicious

ImJustScott : dictator

SkeletonKey : FIRE

IllusiveMe2 : impossible (but in a good way)

 Jеяемуѕтсуя₪™ : beautiful , and spontaneous 





Key: Em Chords: G Em C D G Em G Em C C D C G Em G Em Found myself today singing out loud your name C C D C you said I'm crazy, if I am I'm crazy for you G Em G Em G Em G Em Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here C C D C turns me crazy but it's you who makes me lose my head G Em G Em G Em G Em And every time I'm meant to be acting sensible C C D C you drift into my head and turn me into a crumbling fool chat smile


If anyone could make broken look beautiful, it is her. Her strength is what keeps her going. She believes in every inch of this universe. She has a hurricane of crazy chaos around her, but she is so damn passionate, that she is worth it.  She loves life with all her heart and it loves her right back. She belongs to herself before she belongs to anyone.  (Facebook Biography of me)


I am not into community hellos, goodbye's, welcome backs, see you laters, hurry back's or any of the sort, I am selfish and demand my very own greeting. Thank you very much   

My shiny, golden ignore button for super idiots 

Or if you prefer it, you can try my
Super Hypnotizing Ignotard Tool aka S.H.I.T.

for the ambitious and bigger idiot



A poem for me:

I dare pen this cipher in words
That hide the secret key
To the maiden who is fire
I write them unto thee

To the vixen of culinary lore
Prepare thy victuals for me
Save the musty fruitcake
Or far away with thee  

From: SkeletonKey


 Ħĩģħώąγmąη74 : Shit fool I forgot about that one 

[03:02p] Ħĩģħώąγmąη74 : Fook**

chat smile

MissPenelope : i love liss, she`s like a lil fememine hand grenade

 SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : in pics always look at the curtains and carpet and no not those ones

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : why does the phone always ring when I come to chat🏈CоώвоӱsҒẫη🏈 : cause I like to prank ya Cheryl ✿Ċħēгγł✿ : and its never anyone good lol

[06:54p] ƤȃρǻŴơłƒ : leaves me out.nice hot and young dont quite define me more like onery old and gassy

03:29p] Dstant_Thunder : been so hot and humid and wet

[03:29p] ♪DJ Tweet⚡♫☊ : hot down here but not wet

[03:29p] mommyelly : hot hot hot

[03:29p] ♪DJ Tweet⚡♫☊ : well outside that is rofl hahahaha


[05:42p] Jаggεd : rolled my eyes so far back that i saw me own arse


[06:25p] 👢єcƖιѕѕι👢 : I like to jump on the big deck and know that it will sustain all the jumping

[06:25p] 👢єcƖιѕѕι👢 : hi drifting

[06:25p] sheneda : dont care about deck i want a big dick

[06:25p] ƝƛƬƖƔЄ ƁƖƬƇӇ : 

[06:25p] 👢єcƖιѕѕι👢 : lmfao!!!

[11:20p] meddler2900 has a crush on someone in here, dont tell them that its you Lissi!


ɅτvЯάcɛʀ : I know I am a perv, because Lissi's boots turn me on more than her hammer

ɅτvЯάcɛʀ : I am going to piss off Lissi , so she hammers me

ɅτvЯάcɛʀ : Wait, piss me off , so I can hammer you , I think it's more macho that way LOL

ƤȃρǻŴơłƒ : Im going to go pound sand with Lissi

[07:00p] ƤȃρǻŴơłƒ : Jax thats a cat did Jax just call me a pussy ?

Oct/9/18 SkeletonKey : It is a bad addiction, profile addicts anon ! SkeletonKey : My name is Key and im a profile addict

👢єcƖιѕѕι👢9229 has been kicked out by 👢єcƖιѕѕι👢. Reason: what were you thinking?

SkeletonKey : yes - fire. I will use it in a sentence. I just met this nice lady I call Boots and she is FIRE!

ƁƛƇƘƧƬƛƁƁƛƬӇ : i tried to get it in in time


MovingInStereo : gals i am not bragging, but i have a hard ass lol

[05:04p] ƁƛƇƘƧƬƛƁƁƛƬӇ : I am looking it up

Bat Guys FLY Funny : oh, Lissi, you KNOW I you chat smile

ɅτvЯάcɛʀ : Do these jeans make my ass look big, no but that sandwich you just ate did LOL

ƤȃρǻŴơłƒ : I am not a asshole I am a hemorrhoid ............................I irritate assholes

September 28, 2018 Worlocks : lissi is the godmother of the chat mafia

Dreaming is not bad...Staying asleep is~~Me

Dwell not in the past so that it won't let you move forward, and never go further than your eyes won't see your shadow.~~Me

Şɦéɯòlḟ : you cant dip a skunk in perfume and expect it to become a puppy

 RU Kidding : i am not a person

SkeletonKey : help me out CF - give me a d chat smile

💋ëċlïssï💋 : We do what we can with $10 a month, Hoggie .

[03:35p] 💋ëċlïssï💋 : lol

ans-serif,arial,verdana,& font-size:13px">[03:35p] ans-serif,arial,verdana,& font-size:14px"> ans-serif,arial,verdana,& font-size:14px">««HøgWî£Ð™»» lol

[03:35p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : papa is a tight wad

[11:40p] 💋Яɛd💋 : where you at gorilla

[11:40p] Bgorilla : montana where men are men and sheep are dirty little tramps

Slightly_Askew_™ : you dont have a toke quote and i think im hilarious

☕️Ƈυρριє☕ : i would hump you CF LOL ☕️Ƈυρριє☕ : well no you gave me wood ☕️Ƈυρριє☕ : fuck 🏈CоώвоӱsҒẫη🏈 : if you say take it out ... out it goes ok?

18 September 2018 ØŠРЯЁŶ : that's when you know you have reached true chat Stardom...when yo make it to Lissi's or Vin's profile page

🏈CоώвоӱsҒẫη🏈 : I am thankful that I found Buzzen because without it my life would be Eclissi-less chat smile

MovingInStereo : if you are what you eat, i am a burnt omelette


Some of the funniest NICKNAMES

WonkaWoman : aka Cheryl chat smile

Debbie Downers:​

STUPID MESSAGES: ( A place to collect all the things of which make me laugh)....

Yesterday 4:14:17 pm

jeffrey dahmer

Wow you sure are in love with yourself. I bet you think you're Gods gift to men, and perfection personified. Get over yourself, you're a 3 at best.

ECLISSI a poem for you.

As we are unknown to each other what came to me is a journey, your journey, the journey.

For you.
Your breath sustains you, 
Gentle like wings,
Graceful to touch, unfathomable in reach,
Silent thoughts create your reality.

A devine blessing, 
Drifting over undulating repose,
Reflects like a stilled Lake,
Offers a mirror, a path to purity and hope.

Melodies drift, like clouds,
Disseminating love and hope,
On an unrestrained journey,
You blossom like a flower who nobody knows.

Sweetened with the scent of love,
The song plays on,
Visions of the depths are viewed,
You are free until the coming dawn.

Equinimity soars, unrestrained,
Floating in a beautiful embrace,
These sounds are you in flight,
Shackles cast aside you soar.

The opera cascades and enters your soul,
Releasing doubt you uncontrollably weep,
Memories fade, only reality is present,
Reminding you that what is past is unknown.

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