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GKBK_TheGreatPumpkin (Iswearmynameis, Smith)
Female - 101 years old, Colorado, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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I'm happy to chat in the room. I'm not interested in talking to you privately. I've watched enough ID TV to know that is a 70% chance you are a serial killer or a crazy person!


A highly annoying yet narcotic-inducing chat server that turns everyday normal people to psychotic chat nerds.

I'm married to my Viking, my husband is Swedish and Belarusian, we enjoy our life in the beautiful Colorado mountains, we love our dogs, we have a good life with no complaints. We hike, paddle board, kayak, hunt, fish, 4 x4 o ||| o Jeep Life, and I'm a long distance runner. I started ultra running in my 40s, crazy huh? I graduated from college, joined the Navy, then went to nursing school later in life while in battalion. We have our own businesses and do consultant work which gives us plenty of time to get out in the outdoors and travel!

What will make you happy? Now how do you get there?

Thanks for reading my little profile and I hope you have a good day and make good choices!