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Just because seems I can

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IconX_Daedalus (Ted Theodore , Logan)
Male - 43 years old, San Dimas, United States
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Posted: 2019-01-08 5:49:08 am Category General Viewed 595 times Likes 0

Suprised to find a blog type capability on here, once again pardon me ahead of my speling, my grammer and construction is solid but I cannot speak for my hardware(KB, mouse) filthy ppl u.

I'm gonna just state this once and for all, I;ve been mistaken for some jerk named X and DNR etc and some.....i am not him, I've been here about 2 months and it was the holidays but now that I know many of u, I dont like many of u, yet I am grateful for those that I do like. It sorta(like lunch in the high school cafe) feels like i dont wanna know u, but i c all, u dont me me and u gotta sit closer to me for that if your interested. You're all hilarious, fustrating, annnoying, and awesome so no troubles. I hope to know u all better.

My Holidays were ok how was yours, happy, sad, depressing exhilirating..etc... now its 123 work eat sleep rave repeat

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2019-01-08 7:00:10 am
Well my dear man, as long as you are not cut from the same cloth as accused persona then you should be fine. He had some kinky quirks that no matter what name he used shown through that are dead give aways to it being him, hopefully for you, you don’t enjoy those kinks too.

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