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Current Mood: Loved
Female - 96 years old, Canada
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: n/a

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chat smile NO HUMAN  is a waste of life, and I ask that the light of your love and compassion melt their hearts and that your mercy and your forgiveness set them free.

 chat smile Always in MY heart Mike, ty for everything, Best male friend forever !!!!   chat smile I will always treasure the love you send my way!!!

For my beloved Jina and Bill , LOVE you both so much!! chat smile RIP BILL  07/2019

chat smile Ty my dearest Josh,  for all the music you spoil me with, you always make my night!!! This song is dedicated to my BELOVED Grandmother and  Father,  RIP Dad , Oct. 13, 2019, you will both be greatly missed chat smile

Count your blessings every day, you never know when it will be your last chat smile  Ty Jan for all the beautiful music you played  chat smile ya!!


I BELIEVE!!!!!!!! 

RIP MY Dear Friend Leighlay.    You will be forever missed , we will remember you!! chat smile 14/12/2017

In our worst moments, shattered by pain in body, mind and spirit, God has promised not to leave us alone or without comfort.

LOVE, is often gentle, DESIRE always a rage.  Remember our tongue can be evil, ask the Lord every day to watch over us in that area

Pray for your enemies, be kind to them and bless them.  Stay away from toxic people or you shall be one.   Pray for the gift of discernment, put on your shield every day!!

Don't conform to something your not comfortable with, it's not worth losing your soul.   

With YOU anything is possible chat smile M. 19 26