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Current Mood: Weird
Female - 48 years old, Los Angeles county, United States
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Single

Updated: 2020-01-27 10:12:35 am Viewed 11,227 times Likes 39

Favorite things: achingly beautiful prose, music that stops my breath and slithers through my guts, people who can make me laugh and think, over-the-top violent action films and cheesy Korean dramas. Any sensation that makes my brain stfu for awhile.


I jealously guard my free time. My entire life is arranged around my desire to avoid as many outside demands as possible.  I don't see myself ever insisting on monogamy.


I'm foul-mouthed, uncouth and socially awkward. I'm intelligent, pragmatic and freaking hilarious. I'm difficult. I analyze everything to death. My loyalty is hard-earned and bullet-proof. I am (unapologetically) self-centered.  I am a hedonistic, liberal atheist. I try hard to be authentic.


I am short, round, and soft, but my mind is sharp and my tongue is sharper. Life is too short not to ask for what you want.