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A journey's beginnings

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Kyrielle (Kyrielle, Lady Kyrielle)
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November, 2023 

 I'd  formally, if such could be said about a thing, quietly without any fanfare, drama, recriminations and/ or condemnations  of any kind, left Ven'dara.  I'd taken Third Moon through the canal and out to sea. Once far from any land mass, Island, or coastal continental, I'd set it afire at precisely sunset just as I'd promised Bart, Administrator of Lydius over 20 years ago I would do should this day ever come. It would take its final, to the hull burned beyond recognition, rest on the sea floor. I was meticulous in removing any and all indicators of its name, travel logs, cabin bedding, sailing insignia as well as secret specific mechanical devices which I destroyed and threw overboard never to be seen again by anyone. As it burned  I'd watched from the accompanying deck of a ship that had traveled in tandem with Third Moon to return me back to port, far enough away not to get burned,  but close enough to clearly observe Third Moon's gracefull end. I can't say it was sad but I can attest it was poignant. Many the years, many the memories that beautiful ship held for me. And for others, no doubt, who had boarded for adventures to far off places for work, visiting, trade and simple unadorned curiousity.

 I then set out from Ven'dara in a wagon  with all my scrolls, records of my work there, personal and business furniture, garb, etc.  that was priceless to me, across the continent to the muddy mouth of the Upper Fayeen River. I stayed in Kasra for two hands tending to the Scribe business that waited me, doing the same in Tor and finishing up at the Oasis of the Nine Wells. A river barge, loaded down to near sinking level with my work and belongings, I boarded, traveling to the headwaters of the Upper Fayeen river to my home and HomeStone. It would likely be the last of river traffic until spring. Or not, dependent on the severity of the coming winter. I had plenty of work assigned me by Kasra, Tor, and the Oasis of the Nine Wells to keep me occupied for at least twenty winters if not a hundred. People depended on me to get their difficulties sorted out at lightening speed and I never disappoint. I bathed my journey off, put on fresh garb, ate a good meal, and sat down at my desk near enough to the fire burning brightly in the fireplace. As the stars came out  I fully devoted myself  to urgent to them business at hand. As usual, It stretched out on a fur and snored. 

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