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Kyrielle (Kyrielle, Lady Kyrielle)
Female - *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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Gorean role play profile. 


I am a free woman.

My name is Kyrielle. Lady Kyrielle to be precise. 

It is within possible I am a little ... eccentric. Don't worry about it. I'm mostly harmless. Until I am not.

My  caste is Scribe. 

I am the keeper of secrets....... be you great or not, I keep them all. Because I said I would. 

My Home Stone, my citizenship is of that resplendent city on the hill, Ven'dara, located in the Ven Highlands.

Often I return to the lands of my birth, the wild and beautiful Voltai mountains. There I have  home, lands and another Office of Scribe.


It is said the quill is mightier than the sword. I have both. Every rose.....has its thorn'

If I must engage in combat, I will do so. To the death. Yours or mine. No in between.

To that end I stand sublime. Liquid gold rising.  A willowy 6 feet in height.

Inside a woven silver harness, exquisitely crafted, rests a curved double edged blade

24 inches in length, handle to tip. Nesting comfortably between my shoulders.


A quill or several in my hair.



A buzzen supported room, Gor Phelan Memorial Hospital of the Plains. Open to ALL, I don't care who you are or what you've done. To honor Phelan,  representing how  lived his life,  every day. Each and every single Gorean, " dishonored" or not, didn't matter to him, he treated all with respect. Literally and figuratively.  There are NO hammers, no boots, no bans there. And there never will be.

 Phelan Memorial Hospital and Respite Center of the Plains :


There is no such thing as " Head of Caste". Of any caste. PERIOD.

There are two and ONLY two caveats.

#1. The Head of your Home Stone has the right to restrict in any way he or she sees fit, how and if you may work your caste.

#2 Should you be a woman, you may not practice caste of Physician until you have given birth to 3.  


There is no such thing as a " Protected Caste".

Be it morning, afternoon, evening or night. 


 I  role play Mokosh of Caisra, Rome, ancient times. No, I do not also role play a slave.

Give a shout out to Cyprian to join in sometime. It's fun, a good place to be creative without all the strife.


I  role play  Mánŏn Guerlain / Perfumer/ Owner of The House of Guerlain in City of Immortalis, Deathstalker Castle.  (

The only magic I perform there is to smile.