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Kyrielle's Profile

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Kyrielle (Kyrielle, Lady Kyrielle)
Female - *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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Gorean role play profile :

I am a woman, a free woman.  

My name is Kyrielle, Lady Kyrielle to be precise.

My caste is Scribe.

My Homestone is Ven'dara.


I spend most of my time east of the Thassa, west of the winds. There, at the headwaters of the Upper Fayeen river, are my lands and  birth home.  My property extends past the foothills to the Voltai mountain peaks. My property is an exact 100 pasang square. 


Founding member of  " The Sisters of Benevolent Mayhem".  And we danced. 




 On a sailing adventure with Cabot, Simon, Mynx, et al.,  to visit  the southern Islands. And possibly some of the northern Islands as well. Feel free to join in for an evening or more. 

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