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Kyrielle's Profile

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Kyrielle (Kyrielle, Lady Kyrielle)
Female - *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Married

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Gorean role play profile. 

~ * ~

I am a free woman.

My name is Kyrielle. Lady Kyrielle to be precise. 

It is within possible I am a little  ... eccentric. Don't worry about it. I'm mostly harmless. Until I am not.

My  caste is Scribe. 

I am the keeper of secrets....... be you great or not, I keep them all. Because I said I would. 

My Home Stone, my citizenship is of that resplendent city on the hill, Ven'dara, located in the Ven Highlands.

Often I return to the lands of my birth, East of the Thassa, West of the Winds. There at the headwaters of the Upper Fayeen River and the foothills of the Voltai Mountain, I have home, lands & my other office of Scribe.


It is said the quill is mightier than the sword. I have both. Every rose.....has its thorn'

If I must engage in combat, I will do so. To the death. Yours or mine. No in between.

To that end I stand sublime. Liquid gold rising.  A willowy 6 feet in height.

Inside a woven silver harness, exquisitely crafted, rests a slender double edged blade

24 inches in length, handle to tip. Nesting comfortably between my shoulders.


A quill or several in my hair.



Founder of  " The Sisters of Benevolent Mayhem "  a hundred years ago or so. We had the fun-est of times ever.Those days are long gone but they live on in my memories. And always bring me a smile, all the way to my eyes.


Building project underway on my Voltai Mountains home lands. Anyone interested in  work kindly contact  Builder Simon and/ or Cabot of Ven'dara. This is a group role play on Friday & Saturday evenings.  

~ * ~