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∻¤£ἐxìἐ¤∻ (Lexie, Kinkaid)
Female - 50 years old, Calgary, Canada
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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I Don't come to chat to whisper and if I dont know you I wont chat there...decline is my answer. 

Live Life, Learn Lessons and Regret Nothing! ~ Me


Typos, Mishaps and WTF? moments; Welcome to my chat wall of shame...

Anon : i've never liked head my entire life

Ʌ· : you nomrally can set a cock by me that i sleep ONLY 15

♔ɳеттɑ♔ : leave my cock alone

ʜᴣᴙ : I DIDNT COME TO ARGUE....ʜᴣᴙ : JUST TO TROLL...ʜᴣᴙ : OH AND FREE COCK ... (not a typo jessika!) LOL

✞❤SMOOTHIE❤✞ : Ok I like alien bone

(Pantys? is there something you're not telling us, section?) LOL 

Thrillride54 : it's not polite to call beasts hooters.................golden bozos, canned ham tits, ta taz are all hooters
Thrillride54 : breasts lmao   ∻¤£ἐxìἐ¤∻ : lol@beasts  Thrillride54 : si i can't type lex......shoot me  Thrillride54 : lmao

Pitbull™ id sleep on the beach and wack up to sea lions licking me what a dream chat smile 

Anon : ive had a cock on my head once or twice

Anon : not that i'm gay, but there are quite a few vaginas i hate

♯ ҥᴣᴙ : a/s/l/j/i/cs/h/w/d   ♯ ҥᴣᴙ : age/sex/location/job/income/creditscore/height/weight/dicksize

Thrillride54 : I circumsize elephants part-time.the pay isn't great but the tips are big

™Cαѕϼєѓ® :  be carefuk Lexie  ^Bot_Tenacity : Warning: Profanity/Masking not allowed ™Cαѕϼєѓ®  ™Cαѕϼєѓ® : oops  ♥Ĉħèŕŕŷ♥ : LOL casper 

∻¤£ἐxìἐ¤∻ : lol casper ™Cαѕϼєѓ® :  carful I mean

Anon : nothing says happy anniversary like a dozen penis roses

Bricey_‶Kung_Pao″_Dickens : i've been know to suck a few dicks in my day

Ʌ· eats anon's face and thinks...mmm...pudding skin!

ValleeGal : a lot of german women date men   (Ya dont say!) lol

Anon : that's so much sucking, though. i mean by the time i got enough booze in my mouth to swallow (giggity) i'd be too tired to keep drinking

∻¤£ἐxìἐ¤∻ : if you cant hold your wife's purse or pick up a box of tampons for're not a man

∻¤£ἐxìἐ¤∻ : just saying

Anon : lolol

Hίτɱλɴ : ill buy tampons as long as they r n the box

~~ß®ÅV€H€Å®T™~~ : I get Jo's pads for her 

✩✵☽Magickal☾✵✩ : lol Hitman that's the way to do it

Anon : lexie, i know the difference between light, medium and super absorbancy, unfortunately

Anon : all heterosexual lust towards the opposite sex has now gone, and i want to kill myself

Dominic☘ : I would have a fhuckin bath jsut to play with the dinos OK

Sometimes its just better when no one is paying attention to us lol...  ·Ʌ· runs ever so slowly across the room toward lex, arms outstretched, beasts heaving in unison with hers

Thrillride54 : just the other day i had a huge pus filled growth on my neck......and another chatter took a look and saod...dude that's just your head

LOL@this...SectionEight smokes a joint as he waits for someone with a sign of intelligance comes in...SectionEight intelligance with an E...SectionEight or however it is spelled 

I had to walk away from the computer due to laughing... Anon : someone save me from the hussies taunting me with their breasts and hugs, i need gay sex right now 

SectionEight : сʀʌѕн, if you dont show me yer cock, in HD on V4 , curved screen, im gonna put you on ignore right now !!!!!!!!!!! 

💘Ĉħèŕŕŷ💘 : I don't like a guy rubbing off on me 

💩Dairy🐄MOO💩 : i wouldnt suck up to you if my ass was on fire and your bladder was full sal

Section__8 : 8 likes to fondle the produce stock boy .... (LMFAO!) 

Pope Kent (aka Anon) : ya huh every weekend going around making me sound like some raging homosexual running around going elbow deep on everyu guys ass i can find

PandaDan DonnysGettingAgnewed : Its taken 7 months to be able to bend over without pain  ♘ Julius Seizure ♞ : did you finally take the cucumber outta yer butt?  PandaDan DonnysGettingAgnewed : Hell no  ♘ Julius Seizure ♞ : cause that would make the pain go away PandaDan DonnysGettingAgnewed : the bumps give me comfort

If you posess the following qualities...piss off chat smile  Ive known enough of these people in my life and I dont wish to associate with their kind...

liars, bullies, haters, know it alls, interrupters, piss n moaners, whiny ass wimps, politic pushers, bible thumpers, arrogant asshats, debbie downers, negative nellies, backstabbing bitches, judgemental jackasses, drama queens and hateful harassers.