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∻¤£ἐxìἐ¤∻ (Lexie, Kinkaid)
Female - 54 years old, Calgary, Canada
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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God forbid you have and share an original opinion or idea. How sad, apparently the communist ideology runs deep in the world of chat these days.

I Don't come to chat to whisper and if I dont know you I wont chat there...decline is my answer. 

Live Life, Learn Lessons and Regret Nothing! ~ Me


If you posess the following qualities...piss off  Ive known enough of these people in my life and I dont wish to associate with their kind...

liars, bullies, haters, know it alls, interrupters, piss n moaners, whiny ass wimps, politic pushers, bible thumpers, arrogant asshats, debbie downers, negative nellies, backstabbing bitches, judgemental jackasses, drama queens and hateful harassers, oh, and leftist nut jobs.   


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