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Madie Veyl PhT's Profile

Current Mood: Calm
Madie Veyl PhT (Kay, Stars)
Female - 56 years old, Beaumont, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Divorced

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"Even in the Northern Territories, a Free Woman wields a Skillet with consummate expertise!" ~ Madie Veyl PhT chat smile


Home Stone: Obsidian Spearhead of Fort Haskins

Birthplace: Fort Haskins

51.2 Horts tall, 27.73 Stone (approx). Stabilized at age 28.

Anything else you want to know about the Character you may find out in ROLEPLAY, which is why the Character was created in the first place.

Note: IF you knew a past Character of this Typist, keep that as a memory. This character is NOT that one.


~~A Free Woman and Citizen of Fort Haskins, but primary residence is a large estate compound outside of the city walls in the Boswell Pass (Veylar Estates). Father was a PHYSICIAN. Mother was a SEAMSTRESS. Brother was a MERCHANT

~chat smilen February 07, 2020, accepted the IFC bid of the Veterinarian Physician, Russell Melvin Haerodatus. (To be Continued)

~chat smilen January 4th of 2019, collared the graceful and dutiful slave which begged My steel, whom I call nai'lah with great affection.

~~ Madie is a Phy sician Trainee of the Physician Arkmemnon of Green Academy of Fort Haskins

A SoBM Member (officially) since 12/24/2019 (again)

"Just a Girl, just an ordinary Girl, but...I was looking to...the sky..." Avril LaVigne (edited)

Madie was raised as most wealthier girls are, in a sheltered environment, with governesses and tutors in attendance. She retains an air of aloofness until She gets comfortable with others. She  likes to explore...within secure and familiar environs. Rarely will She traverse further than Thentis, where She goes for change of scenery and black wine tasting vacations! When She travels it is with a retinue of Guards personally selected when she turned sixteen, by Her late parents, who cherished the loyal, compassionate,warm and witty, yet intensely private Woman they raised. She crochets and sews, knows the local FW Dances, and the tasks which Women universally are versed in. She likes music and plays an instrument for Her pleasure. She's not great at cooking though, unless She's "inspired". She enjoys fishing. gardening and nature craft.