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Regarding Gorean Medical Role Play

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Lady_Şâscĥå_PĦ¥¤ÇPØ (Şâscĥå, Votanológos)
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Posted: 2018-07-07 10:36:28 pm Category Lifestyle Viewed 638 times Likes 2

Tal My Fellow Goreans,

I would like to reassure You all that I am here to care for Your Medical needs as far as My training allows thus far.

If You have an URGENT Medical need (role play) please leave Me a personal message and/ or post on this board


If You have a NON-urgent Medical request (role play) please post a message on this board

As I am sure You can all appreciate Real Life take precedence over Role Play scenarios, and I am not always in the Home/ available to interact at the same time that You may be. I ask that You please be patient and We can organise a time to role play a scenario regarding Your Medical needs.

Simply leaving a message with the slave is not reliable and cannot be acted upon.

I wish You all well,

Lady Sascha, Herbalist and Physician in Training.