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Connection Not Secure Message in Buzzen Chat

2018-10-31 9:13:28 pm

Some of you may have noticed you get a Connection Not Secure message in your browser when entering a Buzzen Chat Room. This is because currently we do not have a SSL certificate for our webchat server. We do have one on our main website and we are in the process of getting one for chat. All of your information is secure and our webchat server does not use any sensitive information. The chat is 100% safe. If you would like to read more infomation on https/SSL you can do so by visiting the following url.


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2018-12-25 4:58:01 pm
I think it's time to eat roasted rabbit chat smile
4 days ago 11:02:54 pm
lol@that comment . Your information is most certainly at risk especially if you chat in politics without borders . One of the sysops hang out in that room and have been giving personal information out to the room owner . Your ip address and what other info they can get at . On webchat even room owners are only suppose to have access to simple controls to ban and boot chatters out but they cannot see your ip address or other information . so any privacy agreements you signed aint worth shit
3 days ago 1:33:27 am
regarding me chatting in politics, politics doesn't interest me at all, in regard comment about me using "web chat" and others can't or see my Information, it's just the way this form was bulid my main reason for using this is form, these corps, like google , msn, yahoo, as you know they want to know a person does, if you are implying that i'm using this to hide something about me, No, look you entitle to your opinon, and i'm ok with that