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Lady_Şâscĥå_PĦ¥¤ÇPØ (Şâscĥå, Votanológos)
Female - 100 years old, *Tarragon Cottage Farm, Other
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Posted: 2019-07-19 9:22:04 am Category General Viewed 221 times Likes 2

If ANYone has an issue/ problem or something to say about MY personal slave, have the decency to come to ME in the first instance. There is NO reason what-so-ever to question the relationship between Myself and My girl, It is NO-one else's business. Period. For a person to go into a non-Gorean room and question MY personal slave is akin to questioning My personal choices in real life.........Again no-one's business. GOR is online fantasy. REAL LIFE comes first..........PERIOD.

Addit: In addition, using abusive, derogatory or bullying tactics in private message or elsewhere will NOT be tolerated and will be referred to Buzzen management.