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A Festival of Fun, Sparring, Dancing, slave Auctions, Markets and so much more!! Open All Weekend!!

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A Festival to Celebrate all that is Gor will be held at Port Olni from 9am EST  Friday 11th October to late Sunday 13th October, 2019 (Earth time chat smile )

Spars, slave auctions, Markets, dancing, games and more!!

All are Welcome!!

For more details contact a member of Port Olni

or post a reply to this thread

Spar information for Free Men (regardless of Caste)  can be found here

(click on the 'here' to link to the other thread).


Currently the Programme for the weekend is:-

Friday: From 9am  EST Qualification and preliminary spars (Organizer: Bart¤W¤ÇPؤFS )

Dancing comp through out the day (Register with Lady Sascha via Buzzen messages and see below for more details )

Saturday: From 11am to 1pm:- slave Auctions (Resigster with: Iskander¤ÇPØ via Buzzen messages or  ) please state if slave is for sale outright/ rent for one hour/ or "other"

Markets all day (Contact Lady Sascha¤CPO via buzzen messages to book a place) 2 copper tasks stall holders fee, all proceeds going to the Destitute and Homeless Hospital Outreach Fund.

From 9pm onwards; Quater finals of the Spars

Sunday: Semi-finals and Finals of the Sparring Competition from 11am onward

Games throughout the day (Rules courtesy of Helisto here )

Markets all day

For the dance competition the girls who want to dance should message me (Lady Sascha) to get their place in the roster.


2019-10-11 9:22:16 am
All slaves wanting to dance be ready by 2pm EST