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Current Mood: Catty
OƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ (*ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ, ..and brains too!)
Male - *ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

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                                                     𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼... 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓫𝓻𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓼 𝓽𝓸𝓸!       
I am an intelligent adult male with a desire for deep, thought provoking conversation with a strong confident woman who knows exactly who she is. There is nothing more attractive to me than a woman that can arouse my intellect with her beautiful mind and arouse my sexual passions with her silhouette, walk, and sex appeal.. I also enjoy literature, (A good classic love novel is always soothing. Or a good Stephen King novel!) (I read this one classic novel every year during the fall, can you guess which?), music, cooking, nature, animals and children. (They always seem to make me think back to my childhood and help me to remember what it was like for me, and for that I am forever grateful.)(Do you ever think back to your childhood? If yes, how often?)  I am a hopeless Romantic at heart, and will remain so until the stars burn out. I believe in trust, honesty, and true friendship. I will trust you until you give me a reason not to trust you, and then you will never see me again. If I find you interesting I will poke, pry, and find out everything about you that you allow me to, forgive me, it is my nature, and none of us can battle our own nature. If I like you I do not hide it and you will know. If I seem shy please forgive me, I have probably discerned from your actions that I need to stay as far away from you as possible and am acting on it, or you act like a child in chat and I don't wish to know how you act in the real world.  (Or for my own protection)  chat smile    It's probably not a good idea to group me into the same category as the men who walked in and out of your life previously, I am the upgrade and if you can't tell the difference then more than likely you shouldn't whisper me because it will end terribly. I am much too old to play head games so if you whisper me wishing to play a head game I can tell you now with all certainty, "It will end in a way you won't approve of." If you feel the need to lie to me, or decieve me, make sure its the last time you wish to speak to me, because I will have nothing else for you, "THE END" "FINI" "SAYANARA" "OVER AND OUT." I am not one of those people who believes in second chances, because if you were with me, when you should have been with me, there would be no thoughts of second chances would there?  If you can't act your age, or take responsibility for your actions, you needn't bother whispering because I am really not in the mood to instruct you in the ways of being an adult. You get one chance to hurt my feelings, so I suggest you be creative, original, and worthwhile, because you will never get a second chance. "A friend is so rare to find," i
f you want to be friends I will allow that. If you don't want to be friends I can tell you now so you do not acquire any wasted time "there is no need to whisper me."  I don't have time for you when I could be whispering a friend.   I am so sick of emotionless, heartless and thoughtless automatons capable of bestowing nothing but the consumption of time. (mainly.. mine) (If this is you, please forgive me) For I know not what I say lol. For who among us possesses the time to waste on bickering, accusing, slanderous fools who only take an interest in snaring those with quick tempers? You can get a [CLICK] and a [LICK] my balls. My time management skills are A+ so trust me when I tell you "I am wasting none of that shit." My favorite song is....Frank Sinatra -Witchcraft.  More Songs I like: Crimson and Clover -Tommy James, Edge of my dreams - Lisa Mitchell(Like i love this one), My Love - Sia, Take my breath away - Berlin, Something that you said - Bangles,  Vacation - Gogos, As the world falls down - David Bowie, Bad Reputation,  I love rock and roll, and Crimson and clover - Joan Jett, More than words - Extreme, Dearest, Bewildered, and Love is strange - Mickey and Sylvia, and many, many more.. My favorite movie is ... Bram Stokers Dracula. . More Movies I like: Alice in Wonderland, Meet Joe Black, Now Voyager, Girl from 10th Avenue, The Dark Tower, The Quick and the Dead, Interview with a Vampire, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Predators. The last Samurai, Soulmate (2013), My science project, Fast times at Ridgmount high, Labyrinth, The Goonies, Rising Sun, I try to avoid sad movies, because let’s face it, being sad is not how anyone wants to spend any chunk of the day? If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and I will do my best to answer

                                                                   My warmest personal regards.

When things get bad, and the darkness and gloom surround me I just remember who's son I am,  straighten my fucking crown and act accordingly. 

If upon your travels, you come across a man who examines your beautiful face, before he examines your beautiful heart, flee from him, because he is no real man, but an imposter. A real man will examine your beautiful heart before he even attempts to examine your beautiful face, for true beauty in a person is found within the heart, and no place else.
Merovingian: Interesting deal. You are really ready to die for this man?
Trinity: [cocks gun] Believe it.
Persephone: She'll do it. If she has to, she'll kill every one of us. She's in love.
Merovingian: It is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity.
Trinity: Time's up. What's it gonna be, Merv?

You can copy, mimic, imitate, simulate, mirror, echo, impersonate and resemble me all you like, but you will never be me. So do please keep trying, It is ever so amusing to behold. There is only ONE ORIGINAL, and you are not it.
Do you want to know why I won't do what you want me to do? Fine I will tell you: It's because you don't deserve me or anyone like me. Remain in your cycle of pain and hurt with those others who prey on nice, trusting, caring people who actually want to take you out of your cycle and make you see how significant you were to to them. Now Begone!
Your illogical logical arguments have made my brain hurt and now i must erase you from existence... Bye now!
"Cease that chatter blockhead and do my bidding!" 

Born, too late, for you to notice me, to you, i'm just, a kid that you won't date. Why was I born too late? chat smile
 Born, too late, to have a chance to, win, your love, oh why, oh why, was it my fate, to be born too late? chat smile

It doesn't matter how nice you make your new nic's profile up to be, I can still spot you a mile away because I know you so well. chat smile
Trying to upset me in a chatroom will only yield for you wasted time and disappointment. Please forgive me. 

"I am no bird, and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will, which I now exert to leave you" -Jane Eyre are a bisexual? You prey on Men and Women huh? So that means we will fall in love, get married, have kids, buy a house, and then you will leave me for a woman right? One doesn't need a crystal ball to predict the outcome of this meeting. It was a pleasure to meet you, bye now.
Oh... you aren’t a woman, you just play one in chat? How interesting....

Woe to those who at one point of the evening have it all, and like a fool decides to gamble and end up losing everything.

If you are one of those that wish to lash out at me in the chat room or spew some negative opinions just remember, opinions are like assholes and everyone has one, and also you should know that I probably don't care what you think or how you feel, let alone never even thought about you. So it is a good chance that your comments mean little or nothing to me because I am to worried  and concerned about my real friends and how they feel to even notice you.

when what you hear and what you see don't match, trust your eyes.   -ans-serif,arial,verdana,& font-size:14px">ӇƛƦMƛƝƖ

My heart's a battleground and today... well today, let’s just say I am not doing the prisoner thing.
I love those that love me, and those that seek me diligently find me. -Proverbs 8:17
Grades don't measure intelligence, and age does not define maturity. -Unknown
Follow your heart.... but take your brain with you. -Unknown
A second chance means nothing if you have not learned from your first mistake. -Unknown
The great snare of thought is the uncritical acceptance of irrational assumptions. -Will Durant
It is easier to avoid the snares of love than to escape when you are in that net. -Lucreitia
Better to shun the bait, than to struggle in the snare. -John Dryden
The whole world is strewn with snares, traps, gins, and pitfalls for the capture of men by women.  -Geroge Bernard Shaw

When someone whispers you information you passed to another person then know what you suspected was true and the person you planted the information with is a lying sack of shit, unworthy of your friendship and should be givin the gift of silence, and distance. That is how you skin a cat.

 [05:37a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I have asked you nicely to get out of my mind, but you refuse to go.

[05:37a] Denise : welcome to my world
You know shit is fucked up when you come home and see this:
[12:51a] You have been kicked out by 💋ëċlïssï💋. Reason: You have been warned You have been warned (ban 15 mins.)
[12:51a] Disconnected.

[11:23a] Whisper attempt by driftingin. Message: kisses u deeply

[09:57p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : To me, a friend is an influence in your life, that makes you want to be a better person, and make changes to your life, to make it better. If you meet someone and become friends, and you don't feel like this, then there is either something wrong with you, or your friend.

[10:07p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : One must handle you very cautiously, your tongue is most pleasing and if one isn't careful, it could be most damaging to the heart.

[10:02p] Denise : your manner of speaking is sorta i cant say old english or victorian but somewhere between those 2 with a kick of today lol

[10:02p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : ha ha ha ha!

[10:03p] Denise : its true and most enjoyable

[09:34p] Denise : we are not from this time u and i .. we are throwbacks from a time long gone

[07:37p] ~echo~ : ty Original the Innocent

[07:37p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I am not innocent, I only have not made it to your level yet

[12:08a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Well then, perhaps you have not found the right man to crawl up into that beautiful mind of yours and allow you to think.

[12:34a] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : you and i hit it off together instantly, i love your company, your attention, your thoughts, your heart, im not giving that up, not willingly
[06:17p] angelrepa : what is your first name
[06:17p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I don't give that information out.
[06:17p] angelrepa : duhh
[06:17p] angelrepa : your first name moron duuh
angelrepa has closed whisper window.
[06:17p]  angelrepa has left the conversation..

[06:20p] seo_Sascha : ive thought of a new act for strippers.....breast ventriloquism

[11:06a] 💋ëċlïssï💋 : I am glad that you are here, you are a very positive person in the room

[11:06a] 💋ëċlïssï💋 : I truly appreciate you for it

[05:02p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : hey Anya
[05:02p] ༒ Anya ༒ : hey Orgasm
[05:02p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : chat smile
[05:03p] Kinky Kanuck : damn Anya, yer gonna give him a swollen head calling him that! lol
[05:03p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : She didn't say "Im about to cum"  KK      
[05:03p] ༒ Anya ༒ : swollen head ...head have two heads , which one are you talking about ? KK
[05:04p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : She just said "Hey Orgasm"
[05:04p] Kinky Kanuck : wow, that went south quick
[05:04p] Kinky Kanuck : seems ori's already decided which one I was referring to lol
[05:04p] HOORAY~FOR~BOOBIES :  chat smilechat smilechat smile 
[05:04p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : LOL
[05:04p] ༒ Anya ༒ : laughs
[05:04p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : brb

[07:24p] Jake1 : no cussin

[07:25p] ™Jügã£ûg™ : fuck you, jake

[06:36p] ~SouthernGent : most halos in here are very dented

[09:50p] caeryy : I make 0 on my own 
[11:59p] ۵Ļųłų۵ : i live in a fucking attic
[11:59p] EvrBunni : don't ask

[06:28p] sheneda : Mario is the best just his music  
[11:55p] 💋ëċlïssï💋 : OMG BH
[11:55p] 💋ëċlïssï💋 : I'm five foot nothing, and proud of it!
[12:50a] Leather Undies : come here Original and lets make out lololol 

[05:41p] ScullyOhhhh : I think you are amazing

[05:41p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Thank you...

[05:42p] ScullyOhhhh : Welcome

[05:42p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I don't know how I appear amazing to you, I am no different than anyone else.

[05:43p] ScullyOhhhh : Some people are more amazing than others

[05:43p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : lol!

[05:30p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Hello, Lovely one, how are you today?


Waiting for SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα to accept your whispers. Don't send more messages until your whisper request is accepted or SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα may not receive your messages.


SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα has declined your whisper request.

[05:31p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : hello

[05:32p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Hi, you just scared the shit out of me.

[03:03a] ♬NeTTa♬ : fooker i can teach you how to solve that with common core math lol

[09:52p] Leather Undies : would it help ori if i told you i was stroking for you right now lololo

[09:24p] Leather Undies : All original has to do is say the magic word and i'll strip for him if he wants porno

[11:08p] Dariya : i have the WORDT internet service 

[03:20a] EverBunni : hopping over to my corner

[03:20a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Êvèrbûññï®

[03:21a] EverBunni : orig I like that

[03:21a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Then copy it and change your name chat smile

[11:19p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Besides, Matt, Moon has too many chat husbands, that give her baconbacon

[10:58p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I think i will leave in for you to pull out, like the dagger i had to pull out of my heart, I did it without assistance so I am guessing you can do the same?

[10:59p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I have an issue?

[11:00p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Give me one second to grab a tissue.

[11:00p] ӇƛƦMƛƝƖ : lol 

[05:05p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Indeed, it is not, but i will always have the utmost faith in my steps chat smile

[05:05p] __Patchouly__ : chat smile

[12:48a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I seek to look beyond the facade, and perceive that which the eye can't.

[12:53a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I am forever cutting my way through an endless forest in search of that one good tree,

[12:54a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I think if anyone knew where to find true love, everyone would be there.

[12:54a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : In my opinion true love is birthed, nurtured,

[12:55a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : there is nothing that happens without ingredients.

[01:35a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I manage, I cook, I profile, I live, at times I have had love, and other times I have lost love. I am a problem solver, and a free thinker. I observe others, and give wise words when they are needed. I heal, I befriend those worthy to call friends, I punish those I consider enemies, 

[04:35a] ozbossthewurzel : this convo is soundina bit demented so i shall bbl

[11:18p] Denise : i fought long and hard for my happiness and no one or anything is taking it away from me

[01:02a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Because it sounded like some sort of challenge or something.

[01:03a] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : anything worth getting is worth a challenge

[08:13p] Leather Undies : Has my G-string on and dances around the stripper pole wainter for D.S to tip me since he's a big tipper

[11:43p] americantart : Ohhh. Ng = Naughty Gurl.

[11:43p] americantart : Lmao.

[09:35p] BRUŦALLҰ_ħ㊉NESŦ : have you ever seen a grown man naked?

[10:24p] 🐍DJ♐Vιƥεƨ™🐍 : Oz trying to be Domme...with his stuffed hairy wombats

[10:22p] Leather Undies : hello Sexy Original

[10:27p] 💩Dairy🐄MOO💩 is not accepting whispers today

[10:28p] whatsamatterU : glitter glitter glitters

[06:29p] Italian_LA : i did not get laid

[06:30p] ≤Ðĵ_ДmБ♪ŝš♪oŋ≥ : hello brice bro

[06:30p] Brice A Roni : there

[06:30p] Italian_LA : its been 9 gaays

[06:30p] ƑƠÒOŌkƐƦ : wtf

[09:47p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : If you want to know who I am, just search the place you go everyday to check. I am not Low, nor am I high, but near the top, you will see me and stop.
[09:47p] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : hmm
[09:48p] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : there aren't many places that I check everyday
[09:48p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : But I am sure there is one place you go daily to check.
[09:48p] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : my email
[09:48p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : You are a sharp little thing.
[09:49p] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : I have two though, one from years ago and a gmail
[09:49p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : What a beautiful mind you have.
[01:20a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Someone has given me Frankenstein, But i have yet to read it.
[01:20a] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : lol nice
[01:21a] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : I don't think I've read frankie either
[01:21a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I could read it to you, if you like.
[01:21a] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : how would you do that? record yourself and send it to me?
[01:22a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : However you wished me to,
[01:22a] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : you sidestep a lot, don't you?
 [01:23a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : You must forgive me, sometimes i have these visions, fantasies that pop up,
[01:23a] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : but you don't share them
[01:24a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Can you blame me?
[01:24a] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : lol maybe
[01:24a] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : I'm not sure yet
[01:24a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Would you think me a pervert, if i said i vision you laying your head in my lap, and looking up at me, as i read page by page to you?
[01:25a] Icє◦Gσ∂∂єѕѕ : that's not perverted unless you're imagining a blow job at the same time

[11:37p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Well, let us strike a bargain, from here until time indefinate shall we?

[11:39p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : sounds good

[11:40p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : You will always, be yourself, even if it hurts my feelings, or is rude,

[11:41p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : no thinking about what it is to rearrange things, or make them pleasant to the ear,

[11:41p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Just what you think, feel, or suspect.

[11:41p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : does that sound good?

[11:41p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : deal

[11:41p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Are those favorable terms for you?

[11:42p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : yes

[11:42p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : excellent I am happy now.

[11:42p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : me too

[11:42p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : now take your clothes off lol

[11:42p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : lol shit, i forgot about that.

[11:43p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : lol omggggggggawddddd

[11:44p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : On my part of the bargain, I will always, always consider your thoughts, I will take what you say and let it ring through me nightly, I will reflect upon it before I react, and if upon reflection, I realize no intentional harm was caused,

[11:44p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I will... hmmm.

[11:45p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : continue to adore you?

[11:45p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : awwwwwwwwww

[11:45p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Does that sound right?

[11:45p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : sounds more than fair

[11:46p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I know lol, wtf is wrong with me.

[11:46p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : lol

[11:46p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Do you find my side of the bargain to be fair.

[11:46p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : ?

[11:47p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : yes, i do

[11:47p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Then the bargain is struck,

[11:47p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : The foundation for our friendship has been laid.

[11:47p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : but i know one thing, and i will tell you this...

[11:48p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : you gonna mess up first lol

[11:49p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : thats why im not shaking your hand on this deal

[11:49p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Oh, my Sweetest one,

[11:49p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Have you not noticed, that we are doing this electronically?

[11:49p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : No handshaking is needed

[11:49p] SωєєтSмιƖєƇαηαɗα : lol oh ya!

[07:50p] Ѕίѕѕỳ™ : hater have 2 hate orig

A word on fake ass people who you think are your friends but talk behind your back.

[07:28p] daz : hahhahah

[07:28p] daz : dont try it on with me yawill looose

[07:28p] daz : big time

[07:28p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : It's ok, I have already lost what i wanted.

[07:29p] daz : now fuckof

[07:29p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : You don't seem to understand.

[07:29p] daz : u never had her

[07:29p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : no duh

[07:29p] daz : simple

Sometimes people can be so funny, this is him the previous night...

[04:14p] daz : awill be honest with u

[04:14p] daz : be very carefull

[04:14p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Why do you say that?

[04:14p] daz : cos in the end umight get hurt

[04:14p] daz : she did it tome

[04:17p] daz : shes like that

[04:17p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : what?

[04:17p] daz : likes ta playin room

[04:17p] daz : plays men of each other

[04:18p] daz : have been through it

[11:42p] Negan : I know fooker

[11:42p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : lol

[11:42p] Negan : He's a teat

[11:42p] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Everyone knows Fooker.

[11:42p] Negan : Teat

[11:42p] m52§peedy : fooker has been sniffin gas

[11:42p] 🏈CоώвоӱsҒẫη🏈 : treat ?

[11:42p] Negan : Twat


[12:29a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : You are an incredibly special woman xxxxx, the man that wins you, wins your heart is going to be a very happy man.

[12:29a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I have no doubts.

[12:29a] xxxxx : ty ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ

[12:30a] XXXX : I will say once again.. The women are stupid here if they cant see u.

Keep this one away from Christmas trees chat smile

[08:39p] ~echo the destroyer~ : Like OMG what the HELL was I thinking?

[08:39p] ~echo the destroyer~ : Oh yeah, drugs and alcohol were involved

[08:39p] ~echo the destroyer~ : LOTS of them

[08:41p] ~echo the destroyer~ : Like I destroyed the bands entire set bad

[08:41p] ~echo the destroyer~ : LOTS of Rum and Coke was involved

[08:42p] ~echo the destroyer~ : one of the guys had a crush on me and dragged me onstage to dance

[08:42p] ~echo the destroyer~ : then I tried to take my shirt off......

[08:42p] ~echo the destroyer~ : and fell into the drum set

[10:21a] Moonglow : I'm sure I've asked before. But where in texas william?

[10:21a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Oh hell no,

[10:22a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Moonglow just made a complete sentence

This is why they need to start testing people for chat like they test people for driving.

[12:38a] Rocky_Raccoon10897 : kmnd2001 has sent you whispers (accept - decline - ignore user). Message: why dont you do us all a favor and turn off your fucking whispers ya stupd cunt

[02:12a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : lol

[02:12a] Denise : what r u thinking

[02:12a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Do you enjoy it when I am frozen up, unable to think properly, or mount an adequate reply?

[02:13a] Denise : yes i do lmao

[02:13a] Denise : because im the one usually like that

[02:13a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : ha ha ha ha omg why?

[02:13a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : omg lol.

[02:13a] Denise : u choice of words are ummm liquid honey

[02:14a] Denise : so for me to make u stammer is funny 

[02:14a] Denise : and it wasnt intentional on my part

[02:15a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : It wasn't?

[02:15a] Denise : not at all

[02:16a] Denise : u are running that conversation thru your mind arent u lol

[02:16a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I have been since it started.

[02:16a] Denise : lol

[02:16a] Denise : why?

[02:18a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : because, it was a very happy moment in my life, as you know life is never rainbows, and unicorns, but for that moment, that window of time, i was so defenseless, so beguiled, so helpless, that it felt like something that i could go the rest of my life with.

[02:19a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : I just wanted to feel like that for the rest of my life, every day, every minute, every second.

[02:19a] Denise : awwwwwwwww

[02:19a] Denise : see your making me melt

[02:21a] ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Forgive me, it was not my intent, I just wanted to be open, and honest with you, so you would have no lingering questions as to the nature of the way you made me feel.