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life is hard.
Born empty, we all learn.
We all get written untill we start to order.
Everyone can write in our book, But never forget we make the categories.

When others blindly follow the truth, remember: Nothing is true.
Where others are limited by law or morality, remember: Everything is permitted.

Sorry for the inconvenience they said!

communication tactics dressed as politics
World leaders saying "science is back"
while holding climate summits without even inviting
one single climate scientist as a speaker.
pretending to wage war against fossil fuels 
while opening up brand new coal mines, oil fields and pipelines

Someone: I have a question for you...
What is the truth?

To place faith in yourself instead of religion.
Then you see the word like it realy is.

Someone: What is the world then?
An illusion one retreat or submit or like the most do transcend.

Someone: What is it to transcend?
To recognize noting is true and everything is permitted.
That laws arise, not from divinity or books but for a reason.

​Seeing the truth is different from knowing the truth.
It is not about being free, we are never free.
it is about US to be wise.

Someone: What means nothing is true and everything is permitted?
To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile,
and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization.
To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions,
and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic.


We aint free, We aint the first nor the last, We are brainwashed so we don't make a difference on this earth.
Smart enough to do your job, but brain-dead when it comes to development, stand up for our right or to question things.
Our childeren take our place in the game.
To us our pad is unique, but together we are noting but fuel.
The fuel that powers the elite, the elite that hide behind logo's of corporations.
This is their world, and most valuable resources known on the earth that is US
We build their citys, we run the machines, we fight their wars, we heal people, for them it is not about money, but about power
Money is just a means to suppress us, to control us..
Worthles paper we depend on to feed ourselves, to travel, to make fun, to enjoy life, to cure from diseases.
They gave us money, and in return we gave them the world.

Self Note :

Sadly our world counts for those that got the bling💰
It dont matter how you get to a destination
It matters in what car you came in
It dont matter if clothing protects you against the cold
It matter what you wearing, out dated? yes.. shamefull sold.

This is a world, a world i dont want to be in,
A world that support coals instead of a Free Clean Energy 
Tesla system.
A world that murder others that do right
 A money forsaken world no matter who got killed in the fight

We must never forget that, there are no stars🌠 without the night.
And nobody wins without a fight.
Money dont provide respect, because only WAR☢ is what you get
Trust me when i say love can't be bought, not even with the biggest yacht⛵
Religion✞ or GOD doesn't bring technology or a cure, we humans make the world secure☮!
- ๖ۣۜℜeÍ¥ddÍ£iÍ«x

Peter R de vries. Solved murders
Nikola Tesla: World Changer
Mahatma Gandhi: World Changer
Indira Gandhi: World Changer
MK Gandhi : ironic how a man who preached non-violence all his life was assassinated. 
Rajiv Gandhi: Ex-Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi was in Sriperumbudur
Abraham Lincoln: one of the most loved Presidents of the USA
James A. Garfield: World Changer
Pim Fortuin: World Changer
Franz Ferdinand: The death that triggered the World War
Yitzhak Rabin: The one who tried to resolve the 'Israel-Palestine' conflict
Julius Caesar: "Et tu, Brute?
Malcolm X: The American Muslim and human rights activist
Benazir Bhutto: She wanted to contest in the elections in 2008. 
Robert F Kennedy: The younger Kennedy
John F Kennedy: world changer
Alexander Litvinenko: An agent of the Russian FSB secret service
Martin Luther King Jr: The Nobel Peace Prize winner