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Notice of Slave Capture

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Posted: 2017-04-25 6:06:55 pm Category General Viewed 588 times Likes 0

The slavegirl "ólëșȳǟ¤Harķàń" is currently chained to a wall in the Main Hall of Kassau. 

Notice of her chaining has been posted on the girls profile. 

Her owner has 7 days to bring the following items to Kassau in exchange for her release:

  1. 3 Tarn
  2. A Male and Female Bosk
  3. A receipt from Penel's Shop in Ven'dara with confirmation that My tab has been settled in full
  4. A dozen of each of the below:
    1. Short Swords
    2. Spears
    3. Crossbows

I'm sure you will agree, the price is more than fair. Payment can be made to Auralee should I not be present.

2017-04-26 7:56:50 pm
ROFL...Will be interesting to see how THIS goes. Me thinks the terms are 60Days PIF. chat smile (Gets ready to send a herlit to the Schendi jungles)
2017-04-26 8:00:41 pm
I paid my bill to Penelope at the point of sale. I offered to pay Wamph's tab with her also, but someone told me "no" that they were running the bill up.
2017-04-26 9:54:06 pm
Ah....that's what happened! (returns the herlit back to it's cage then. The pygmies will be sad)