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alyson~H (*aylson, *H)
Female - 27 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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*submitted to Master Haigan blackrose on Dec. 1, 2017 to save my own ass and, Dec. 4, 2017, He collared me.  I am his wild slave.

​** surrendered myself to my Master - body, mind, heart and soul**  If I could submit again, I would willingly*

December 7, 2017, my Master found something more in me, He removed the fiber collar and placed upon my neck a steel unmarked collar with a ring in the front.  He broke off the lock and gave it to me as a gift.  I will keep it forever.  The collar can only be removed with "death".  I will honor him and serve him with the fullest as his slave.  I am HIS!!!

*branded, his slave, not by burnt flesh, but in ways i can not describe, but it settles deep inside, like molten lava perculating and growing hotter*  

What is Gor?  Gor, the counter earth planet where beauty awaits!  It is the foundation of Natural Order!  Finding a place to fit in is a hard task.  The ideals and like minded people I seek.  The lands of Gor are rich and poor, it all depends on where you find your path.  Step lightly when you are a slave for you will only find yourself on your ass, enslaved, and in a place of pain and/or pleasure.  The Priest Kings allow me to live another day when the three moons rise above.  When darkness comes "death", that is when my battle has ended.


My Story:  I was born from a slave and a Leather Master.  At 10 years old, my mother died by the hand of her Master, my father.  He had no desire to raise a girl on his own, and he despised me because i was born just that a female.  He turned me out to find my path to learn or die.  I have lived in the wilderness for 15 years now.  Only coming upon others when i need food or something to survive..  I thought i had a friend, a thrall, but he raped me at the age of 16 and I struggle building friendships even though I want one. (not a white silk slave)  I have avoided the use of men every since.  I have started to visit people in the city and I'm trying to adapt.  The Priest Kings will decide my fate. I believe in "fate" and what it stands for.  Fate brings you to those who will mold you.  "Fate" brought me to my Master!  

I have found a home.  My place is before his feet.  Master has given me so much.  I am loyal, dedicated, and devoted to serving him.  I am his "Jewel".  My life and everything i stand for is to serve him.  I am honored he allows me to have personality and be the "wild slave" inside.  He is molding me to his will and I am growing in learning his needs, wants, and desires.  For I am HIS.

My first girl, amari, she is a treasure to our Master.  She is very much a part of my home and family.  I am devoted and care deeply for her.  We are united "Master, amari, and myself"  We are one home and we will not allow anyone to break us.  We have our purpose and we understand our places and that is to serve one man, our Master!



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