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Current Mood: Contemplative
Female - 46 years old, Ontario, Canada
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Long-Term Relationship

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UPDATE: While in a Gorean Home, and in the Gorean realm of chat I am a Free Woman. What I do and who I am OUTSIDE of GOR is MY business. That is MY life and MY choices.  GIVE UP. I do not hide. Stop trying to cause Me unnecessary bullshit. your name, absolutley suits you, sadly.

HomeSword has made Me His LifeMate, nothing, will tear Us apart. Understood?

Blooded on November 9/18 to Aaminah. This has been a long time coming, I have a Sister to protect Who will also protect Me!!

Our girl allisyn, Our heart, has entered the City of Dust. My heart is in shattered pieces that may never be repaired. May you fly free and soar with the eagles alli.. I will love you for eternity. you will NEVER be forgotten.....

We have HomeSword's Holding as Our Home. This is where I absolutley, and He when able, are generally found, while certain Persons still reside in Vendara. I am not under obligation to tolerate any undue stress because of Others drama and attitudes. 2 strokes, were enough, thanks.

I continue to live, as I will forever, a Free Woman of Gor. Happy to be in the Home, with My LifeMate, HomeSword.

On 07/06/2015 was given, after testing, My Healer certification. I carry this with Honor and Care and will do all I can to hold tightly to the values instilled. I was tested by a Phy, and the papers signed by 2 Other Free Men. I will now, continue My journey. I was also aknowledged, before His death, as a Phy, by Phelan. My nemesis, mentor, and ultimately, My substitute Father. Rest In Peace Phelan, You are missed more then You could know.

R/T I am a redhead and a tiger. This may explain ALOT where it comes to My personality. However, I own My mistakes, and will face them every time. I don't run or hide from what is wrong. I face it, deal with it and learn from it.

**set Free with Papers of Manumission, again, on Earth Date January 15, 2015 by Lord Njal of Upsalla. Forever will I be in His debt, and will He remain within My heart. For He did not have to Free Me, and chose to out of deep Love for Me. chat smile PROTECTED by Him always. He is a Father figure, a Guide and Mentor. a Friend whom I cherish and love for eternity.**


I am back. With the family I chose so long ago. My freedom restored once more. One who loved, yet set Me Free. For that, I thank Him. For He did not have to do it. I am stronger inside, more determined then ever. I will not be crossed, and I will not be defeated. I stand by the side of HomeSword once again, and that will not end. I will not, as S/some may so deeply desire,, slip away into the night and disappear. I will remain. And I will continue to grow, and thrive. For I am a Free Woman, and a strong one! I have been through much that untimately should have destroyed Me, yet all it has done is make Me stronger! Best of luck to A/all, because I will not be intimidated, or bullied. Bear that in mind before trying. The result, will not be pleasent. For this life,, I am ever thankful. I carry upon My person at ALL time, several daggers, gifted to Me by HomeSword. Crafted of the very finest steel and perfectly balanced, thank You Jama Kar. A Short sword rests at My right side. And believe I can use it, My daggers and more, VERY well. I am escorted at all times by My personal Guards, and My Panther, Hermies. My first Panther, Ra, has passed recently, he was adored, and is missed. I am protected and loved by HomeSword. Keep that in mind!  He will KILL for Me, do not tempt that fate. As for T/those that are Gorean, I wish You well in your adventures! After losing My Brother, Rolan, I was left an incredibly wealthy Woman. I would give it all to have Him back.

On the date of March 2, 2015 Sar Cabot performed the ceremony, re-uniting Myself and HomeSword as One again. There is no contract, there never was, there is Love. All that is Mine, is His, all that is His, is Mine. We share equally in ALL. He will protect Me, defend Me, with His life. Until a day should come that We mutually agree to seperate, I am at His side.  NOt behind Him, not a step away, right beside Him always. Nothing will change that. I am a Free Woman, at the side of a Free Man I love. I defer to Him, and Him alone.

On March 30, 2015 HS gifted Me with:
a new ring with the HS crest upon it, worn on the ring finger of My right hand, matching the one on My left
a necklace in the shape of a panther made of 20 sapphires of the Schendi, purple in color
a one of a kind brooch designed for me as His FC in one of a kind fire opals and rubies.

SO many more gifts from Him, too many to list. The greatest, being His love always.


(NON-Gor life)

I am nothing more than Myself. I will not pretend to be anything, or anyone, that I am not. Can YOU say the same?? or, do Y/you hide behind a screen and keyboard, and play a game just to screw with P/people?? Look into a mirror, before casting judgement. "His judgement cometh, and that right soon".  If Y/you are not part of My life, Y/you have no say in My life, learn it, embrace it, and GET OVER IT! "the proof is in the pudding" so be careful when Y/you start to stir, that it doesn't come back, and bite you! My heart once ruled, now it is My mind. The walls are up, and stronger than ever. They will not come down again. Be warned. But do not EVER state that MY life experiences are a lie.