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Space Between ‑ Sia cover by she_n3rd and lydiuh

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Posted: 2020-05-25 3:53:07 am Category Music Viewed 331 times Likes 0

I love this song and once I decided to invite the Smulers to sing this song with me around a year ago. 
My duet with Lydiuh is my favorite so I want to share it with you 
The video is just visualization of what I thought would be best for this song chat smile
It's amateurish as I did the video editing myself, but I thought it would be better than having no motion pictures there chat smile


2020-05-25 6:17:14 pm
Wonderful range — you sing from your heart — your voice has a sandy quality that makes it beautiful. Do you post on iTunes?
2020-05-25 11:24:28 pm
@CAguy chat smile thank you for listening ~ no I don't post on iTunes, it's just series of cover I did on Smule chat smile