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Female - 59 years old, Waldoboro, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

Updated: 2023-08-21 3:08:20 pm Viewed 14,635 times Likes 27

as some know, i have been under a tremendous amount of stress, this has caused me to be really depressed and not sure how to deal with everything hubby has stage 4 lung cancer and under treatments, but we don't know at this time if the treatments are working , he has another scan in sept. to see....i just wanna run away form life, so am taking a break from chat and facebook for awhile...thank u my friends who have stood by me...i really appreciate you listening

so, those who know me, know  i am back.....i'm doing better than i was !

we got good news on hubby, his tumors are shrinking ! his oncologist is very happy as are we ! merry christmas to all

we lost our foxy dog to cancer dec heart hurts and bruno has been laying around and wont play chat smile

When my eyes grow dim

And I no longer see

Hold me close to your breast

Say a prayer for me


When I can no longer walk

Without the agony of pain

Do not hold on for ever

You’re hopes will be in vain


When my appetite is not well

That is a sign I tell

As I can’t use the words you do

I bark out loud, that’s my cue


When it is my time to pass

Let the tears fall to my fur

It’s ok to grieve

For your beloved cur


For in the end

We all must go

It’s part of life

This I know


You took me in

And gave me love

I am not far now

I’m up above


So when you wish upon a star

Find comfort within

For I am not far