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Current Mood: Happy
Female - 54 years old, Houston, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

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Chat is entertainment , a passtime.  With everyday life stresses its good to come online and have fun, chat just chillax! chat smile.. 

I have made mistakes and have learned from them  If you are to high and mighty and can't get passed that well thats on you not me!  
My favorite things are a good Yankee game, live concerts see my videos.  I love music!  Someone once said when you are happy you enjoy the music but when you are sad you understand the lyrics!

I am probably one of the coolest people you will ever meet. blackkissheadbanger

The saying goes people will talk about you behind your back and that is where they belong "Behind you"..

I am a free spirit and I will not change to fit the mold.  

Just so you know you didn't break me. I am still a woman who has a loving heart and good spirit. chat smile




My Loves....... 

☠   I love Godzillas movies and old movies ... Barefoot in the park,  Sabrina and so on

☠  Music! I have several different likes.. from Heavy Metal --DIO headbanger to classic rock bands like .. Rush, Journey, Def Leppard and love my girl rockers- Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) who kick ass live by the way and my girl Ash Costello (New Years Day), In this moment and of course my girl Lady Fucking Gaga black_heart 

☠  Live  music, Concerts seeing live bands at local places here.  Keep Rocking! 

☠  Enjoy spending time wtih my fur babies those little shits don't talk back and love unconditionally!  I will always remember you my sweet "Chiquita" 04/19/2019 chat smile and my sweet Honey B 06/25/2019 chat smile I miss them every single day chat smile 

☠  Sighs..  A  nice relaxing bubble bath with soft music, candles.  

☠  I love long drives with destination "Nowhere" with music blasting and singing and dancing in my car!  

☠   The beach .. sun waves .. yes!

☠  Shopping Duh!!  ðŸ‘ ðŸ‘—👜

☠  and of course  ðŸŽƒðŸŽƒ  H A  L L O W E E N ! black_heart ðŸ‘»





A strong woman loves, forgives and simply walks away and lets go and tries again. Perseveres no matter what life throws at her chat smile chat smile 



HOUSTON CONCERTS  black_heartheadbanger



One of the best black_heart RIP!  


Lady Gaga!!!!