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To Emoticon or Not To Emoticon

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Posted: 2015-10-21 12:28:59 pm Category General Viewed 64 times Likes 2

Once I decided I would start adding/editing emoticons here at Buzzen I became "Emote Boi". People track me down in chat asking for all types of new emotes to be added. LIke all ideas some are good and some are bad. Some even sound good at the time but end up, for various reasons not working out.

The first thing to know about the chat emoticons. The more there are the more that have to load each time a person loads webchat. For people with fast connections that isn't a very big deal. But you have to remember there are a lot of people that still do not have access to blazing fast speeds. One of the biggest complaints we get is about chat loading time. It can be very slow depending on several factors. Emoticons being one of them.

Adding new emotes is a very fast way to liven up chat. Whether liked or hated they are always talked about when a new one is added. We would love to be able to add as many emotes as the users want but that simply isn't fesible. I have made a lot of emotes for people that have just simply asked me to. I have a bad habit of trying to make people happy on Buzzen. Some very good ones have been suggested. Not all emoticons will remain forever. In order to add more we have to sometimes get rid of older ones. Some are just not used all that often and thus are just taking up a slot that we could use for a different one. Some actually seem to aggrivate people and in some cases aren't worth the headache I have to deal with so I remove them.

I have a current list of more I want to remove to make room for others. Keep in mind just because I remove one does not mean it's gone forever. I keep them all in case we want to bring them back for any reason. I do get overruled at times lol.

In the end I do the emotes just to give the users something different. Upgrades to chat don't happen very often so it's something simple I can do to change it up. So just a warning to people: Emotes will come and some may go but it's done for a reason. All emotes can be used in comments and blog posts too! monkey dance

2016-07-08 6:37:07 pm
Also. I love the upgrades!
2016-07-08 7:16:00 pm
snail snail emoticon added. ty for your suggestion. glad you like the updates.
2016-07-09 1:42:15 pm
THANK YOU! I've been whining about no snail for a few years now! chat smile <3