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Do you want to use Google translate from your iphone and you stayed without megs? Find out in this note how to make it possible without internet for free.

The mobile application of Google translate allows you to download languages ​​on your device and thus use it without having to be connected to the internet.

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Downloading the app is extremely easy. The first thing you must do is enter the application and select the language you choose on both sides of the screen. Then, select the Download option. For the second time, it will ask you to download the language and install it. You just have to accept it and that's it.

I never tire of saying that Google is doing things very well, not only with its new policy for devices in the Nexus range, but also with its applications. They are receiving constant updates and are also constantly changing design to match and create a "brand image" that is the most important in the varied Android market. This time they have decided to update the translate for Android with new features.

The Google translate is updated

Google is the owner of Android, but its applications, despite being the most used, are not always among the most outstanding. That can change in a short time, in addition to the already great applications of the company of the big G for its operating system, such as Google Maps , GMail or Google Talk , the company's best-known search engine in the world is taking out new applications and improving other .

The latest to receive an update has been the Google Translate for Android. The new functionality it receives allows the translation of texts without having Internet connections . This new functionality makes me think one thing and that is that when we may need to translate something may be on a trip abroad when many of us do not have constant access to a mobile data network for not having roaming .

The current version is 2.6 and is available for devices with Android higher than 2.1, but the new functionality is only available for operating system versions from Android 2.3 Gingerbread .

The method of use is very easy when we have an Internet connection (preferably Wi-Fi network since the data packages occupy about 150/200 megabytes) we can download any of the 50 available languages ​​for offline mode . Some of these languages ​​that are available are Spanish, Catalan or Galician among many others. To download them there access to Menu / Settings and select the option of "Languages ​​without connection". From there you can download the ones you need, the first time you will skip a warning and select what you need and start downloading.

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