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From the department of who needs great and close friends? I present to you this. lol 

[09:52p] 💞 Şåshå 💞 : and I don't partially hate you, I fully hate you

Now thats ever lasting friendship, wouldn't you agree? lol


Listed below, things that make Sasha the lovley bottled blonde she is, 

❅Ȿâshå❅ : nope Speedy, I was young, dumb and pregnant when I got married, lol 

❥Şåshå❥ : agreed Fook......oh god I agree with Fooker

  ღŚåsĥåღ : My name is Sasha and yes I am a bottled Blonde <----- (Stems from a conversation we had while she was house hunting) 


For those of you who might be a tad concerned, and FRANKLY, to protect her from, WELL, herself. I'll leave you with this... lol

I only copy and paste her thoughts that are suitable for public consumption. lol