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Current Mood: Accomplished
Male - 56 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

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𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : fuck me in the ass because i love jesus

вłὄᾧὗʀмἷᾗḋ : best part of this room is Fooker <------- Blow was not compensated for that post! lol 

♬NeTTa♬ grinds on fooks since no one is dancing with me chat smile

hotsmoothjosh2 : I had phone sex with Mario, but I fell asleep chat smile

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : I was a nice person until I met Fooooker <----- Yet another proud victim chat smile lol

jeankid : foooks is a good son

❄ŞašhaŚuģaŕPŀũṁ❄ chat smile Fook I loathe you <----- lol @ that chat smile 

💎Glιттεяѕ™💎 : Fooker I like being on top chat smile 

💎Glιттεяѕ™💎 : fooker is being too nice someone take his temp lol

Sfty fookasasha lol <----- A private island in Japan lol

🎔Ṧaṣhḁ🎔 I was so innocent before I came into this room....then I chatted with Fook and he corrupted me for life. <----- lol if you know me, I'm always happy to oblige!

🎔Ṧaṣhḁ🎔 : chat smile another compliment from Fook....damn hell froze over

(𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : i just want to be fucked darnitchat smile

🎔Ṧaṣhḁ🎔 : only you Fook, only you, lol

🎔Ṧaṣhḁ🎔 : I am not insane...just a little crazychat smile

(𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : Mrs JAB sounds sexy too...lmao 

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : fooooke i will trying to be gentle in chat tonight  chat smile 

🔪ŠŁåşhå🔪 : Fook paid me a compliment...I'm gonna faint chat smile

m52§peedy : fooker i hate to admit it but your a damn good son 

ღṤaṣhḁღ : Fook admitted I was right chat smile

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : i feel so blessed not being on fooke's (The lovely Judy Ann spoke too soon, or in this case typed) chat smile

💎Glιттεяs💎™ : awww dang Fooker you are being nice I gotta get use to that lol

TrashyKitten : they don't get any nicer than you either fooooker

♬NeTTa♬ : hi fooker butt the best favorite of all  

Bugg✿ : honey i adore fooker 

♔𝐋ady DI🖤ꕤ : im a crazy Mexican

 moon_lit_dreams feels dirty now for being nice to Foooks 

naüghty gürl : I actually like Fooker 

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : i switched teams fooker...

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : oh wait..that didnt come out

TrashyKitten : you're too nice of a guy to be mean foooooooker!

TrashyKitten : good for you are a good son

💎Glιттεяs💎™ : Fooker is really a nice man no matter how he acts in chat lol

Ċħēгγł✿ : I hate to say it I really do but.... 

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : you are a good man

moon_lit_dreams : oh dear wonder I need you to be my pool boy!

ƒ𝗢𝖮𝙊𝘖𝑲𝑬R™ : lol

EverBunni : fooker you are a good son......will only say this once <------ I dearly miss this lovely chatter, with the grace of God, she's still with us and only quit chat.

💎Glιттεяs💎™ : Fooker is an alright guy lol but I wont tell him that 

♥Şåşhå♥ : Hit, I'm only crazy on days ending in Y 

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : i love fucking in a hotel