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Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

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Judge_Judy : I chat smile COCK <------ Honesty is always the best policy chat smile

MS_KIMMY_THE_QUEEN : if i was to hump its with a guy, n he has to be hung <----- I admire her honesty!

Judge_Judy : i don't want fooker for his brain just his huge cock will do <----- someone control this woman pls lol 

Pleased as can be for a dear friend from chat (you'll learn soon enough) it's such wonderful news, but it's not my place to devuldge - 10/24/23  - (Follow up) Wasn't my palce to announce the lovely Sasha's getting married, it was hers, (even tho she offered live in chat) for me to do it. Beyond happy for such a great person, if you're lucky enough to know her like I do, then you really get it. She's guarded who she opens up to, and I'm happy to be in that small circle!!

Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : oh shit , that's a big one foooooooooeyfk <------ Classic Kimmmy, gotta love her 

Jаggεd : i don't give a fuck where i chat as long as it isn't fighting nitpicking and bullying <---- Amen to that Jaggy! 

Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : it's cocktober, happy swalloween <--------- Gotta love Kimmmmmmy 

Judge_Judy oh nothing like a huge beefy weener <------- lmfao (like I'd let that pass making my profile) right ? 

Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : nooooooooo i don't take weeners n my ass, it was probably the time his weener accidently almost went n my ass <--- OMG, Kimmy is pure chat GOLD! 

Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : well u said ur all sweattttttttttty n stiff  Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : stufffffffffffff - Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : shit <-------- lmfao God Bless Kimmy 

Judge_Judy : I'd rather my nipples stick out than my ears (Goals in life) lol 

✿𝕯𝖊𝖊𝕯𝖊𝖊✿ : im never in here this i know why <------- lol (but she stayed) 

𝔈𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔢™ : ur worse than a married woman fooks (well, I do love to Cook & Clean) Ellie lol

Rανєη™ went away. Reason: I can suck peanut butter thru a straw... he ain't goin nowhere chat smilechat smile

Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : u won't catch me touchin a cheap weeener chat smile<--------------- LMFAO Kimmy at her finest 

Jаggεd : i'm supposed to be this mean ole bitch.. not have a giggle -  Jаggεd : Oookz you've fucking RUINED me chat smile

katelyn6 : lol you know men jagged they like to be precise unless they are measuring personal things lmao

𝐹oooooooker™ Bowling for dollars Kimmmmy lol - and of course she replies  ---->  Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : i loveeeeee blowing (NEVER change Kimmmy, NEVER change) lol

 Ms_Kimmy_The_Queen : i loveeeeeeeee scoots, i gotta meet her

CreamScones : fooks is a good guy!!  Judge_Judy : he is good in bed <----- Non paid endoresment lol 

Rest in Paradise DJ Hot Smooth Josh, he passed away on 6/11/23 (Suffered & Succumbed From, Pulmonary Fibrosis) & I'll miss him immensely!!!

R.I.P. to Sasha's lovely grandmother, she passed away on Friday night. Heaven awaits you!!

ScootahGurl : Gives OOOKER a bigggg huggg!!!!! <---- Great offspring lol 

Judge_Judy his cock is fucking huge <----- My gosh! 

ÆŠøт☙Ƈαℓʍ❣ツ : Scootsie has been my chat daughter for eons (Dotty) 

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : 2. I am in good shape for an old hag <----- And folks wonder why I adore her as I do! lol 

Anja : fooks gives all of us a headache <----- winning them all over, one-by-one

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : of course i like it deep foooke chat smile <----- lol who doesn't admire the lovely Judy? chat smile

ScootahGurl : Announcement.....Oooker is NOT my sugar daddy, thank you and have a nice chat. <-------- Freaking hilarious & TRUE! (Just her chat dad) moving right along! 

🎔ŞaÅŸhå🎔 : I think I'm sick, I'm being nice to Fook! <----- I choose my close friends wisely. lol 

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : do i look like a sex crazed woman? TrashyKitten : yes, do.... <----- A rare post in which I don't have to add my thoughts! chat smile

TrashyKitten : who is gene holmes and can you introduce me to him?   <------ Gives Trashy my cell number chat smile lol 

 ð‰udge _𝐉udy™ : only injection i want is a hot beef one chat smile<----- Oh my!!! chat smile 

🎔ŞaÅŸhå🎔 : chat smile Fook another compliment <------- lol She served me some tea, I felt obliged chat smile 

 ðŸŽ”ÅžaÅŸhå🎔 : Fook, just this ONCE do I have tea for you...but only this ONE timechat smile <---- she may of, or pehaps not, been provoked! chat smile lol

 ð‰udge _𝐉udy™ : Foooke wb how was the butt swap? <----- rotflmfao, Judy thinks I'm a Kardashian chat smile 

Isabel : 2x4-STUD=FOOKER <------ she was not compensated for that post! lol A bit of a reach, but I'll take it! (eye's my lovely chat daughter) Don't read anything into that, Scoots knows where I'm coming from lol  

♬NeTTa♬ : i loath you fooks just saying. <-------- Just wondering, shouldn't a teacher spell "Loathe" properly? lol

 ðŸŽ”ÅžaÅŸhå🎔 : brb, I need some tea if I have to put up with Fookchat smile <------ I drive the lovely Sasha to drink, at least it's non alcoholic, a win in my book! lol

 ð‰udge _𝐉udy™ fooke has pretty blue eyes -𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : sandy foooke is hot  ð‰udge _𝐉udy™ : hot like as in model like. <---- model hot is a bit of hyperbole, but I'll take it! lol

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : Blow can make my nips hard when he sings 

🎔ŞaÅŸhå🎔 : Fook you give me a headachechat smile <------ Thats what friends are for, I'm always happy to oblige! chat smile 

~Chaotic~ : Aw I have not made Fooks pro <------ wanna bet?chat smile  

best part of this room is Fooker <------- Blow was not compensated for that post! lol 

♬NeTTa♬ grinds on fooks since no one is dancing with me chat smile I've been violated! 

hotsmoothjosh2 : I had phone sex with Mario, but I fell asleep chat smile <---- lol, seems Mario isn't that engaging!

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : I was a nice person until I met Fooooker <----- Yet another proud victim chat smile lol

jeankid : foooks is a good son <------ The epitome of a smart chatter! chat smile 

❄ŞašhaÅšuÄ£aÅ•Pŀũṁ❄ chat smile Fook I loathe you <----- lol Loathe in French = love no? chat smile 

💎GlιÑ‚Ñ‚εяѕ™ðŸ’Ž : Fooker I like being on top chat smile <---- Who knew? lol 

💎GlιÑ‚Ñ‚εяѕ™ðŸ’Ž : fooker is being too nice someone take his temp lol <------- lol chat smile Hey now, I'm nice to people, but like the 80's classic Smith Bareny Investment Firm commercial said "You Earn It" chat smile

Sfty fookasasha lol <----- A private island in Japan lol (maybe post covid, she an I can take a trip) chat smile lol 

🎔Ṧaá¹£hḁ🎔 I was so innocent before I came into this room....then I chatted with Fook and he corrupted me for life. <----- lol, The lovely Sasha has a rather skewed understanding of the word innocent. 

🎔Ṧaá¹£hḁ🎔 : chat smile another compliment from Fook....damn hell froze over <---- lol if only, I repeat IF ONLY, folks were privy to our private conversations, but I digress! chat smile

(𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : i just want to be fucked darnitchat smile <---- Now now Judy, be a lady in public, and a freak in the sheets! chat smile lol

🎔Ṧaá¹£hḁ🎔 : only you Fook, only you, lol <-------- I have to give it up to her, that lady knows me very well! lol 

🎔Ṧaá¹£hḁ🎔 : I am not insane...just a little crazychat smile <----- Nothing to add here, she said it all... lol 

(𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : Mrs JAB sounds sexy too...lmao <----- Oh My! chat smile

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : fooooke i will trying to be gentle in chat tonight  chat smile <--------- That's a first. lol 

🔪ŠÅåÅŸhå🔪 : Fook paid me a compliment...I'm gonna faint chat smile <------------- I'd gladly be there to catch her chat smile (Should I admit this publically) ? lol 

m52§peedy : fooker i hate to admit it but your a damn good son 

ღṤaá¹£hḁღ : Fook admitted I was right chat smile <----- lol She's often right, exhibit A, she befriended me! chat smile

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : i feel so blessed not being on fooke's (The lovely Judy Ann spoke too soon, or in this case typed) chat smile

💎GlιÑ‚Ñ‚εяs💎™ : awww dang Fooker you are being nice I gotta get use to that lol

TrashyKitten : they don't get any nicer than you either fooooker

♬NeTTa♬ : hi fooker butt the best favorite of all  

Bugg✿ : honey i adore fooker <----- A very intelligent lady indeed! chat smile 

♔𝐋ady DI🖤ꕤ : im a crazy Mexican

 moon_lit_dreams feels dirty now for being nice to Foooks 

naüghty gürl : I actually like Fooker 

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : i switched teams fooker...

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : oh wait..that didnt come out <----- Self explanatory if there EVER was a case! lol

TrashyKitten : you're too nice of a guy to be mean foooooooker!

TrashyKitten : good for you are a good son

💎GlιÑ‚Ñ‚εяs💎™ : Fooker is really a nice man no matter how he acts in chat lol <------shhhhhhh chat smile lol

Ċħēгγł✿ : I hate to say it I really do but.... 

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : you are a good man

moon_lit_dreams : oh dear wonder I need you to be my pool boy!

ƒð—¢ð–®ð™Šð˜–𝑲𝑬R™ : lol

EverBunni : fooker you are a good son......will only say this once <------ I dearly miss this lovely chatter, with the grace of God, she's still with us and only quit chat.

💎GlιÑ‚Ñ‚εяs💎™ : Fooker is an alright guy lol but I wont tell him that 

♥ÅžåÅŸhå♥ : Hit, I'm only crazy on days ending in Y 

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : i love fucking in a hotel