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Current Mood: Thoughtful
Female - 44 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Updated: 2017-09-10 6:49:34 pm Viewed 257 times Likes 2

I am a restricted red silk owned by and submitted too  Scythes_Vendara. I am His to do with as He see fit red silk sexually for his use alone. I can serve food and drink but nothing more. 24 plus years in Gor ask me questions and if I can answer them I will. 

Submitted on August 30, 2017 to Scythes_Vendara

Red Silk  Restricted   Branded with His Personal Brand on 9/4/17 

On 9/10/17 was awarded the fg tags of my Masters Home

Exotic Slave Ivory skin and ice blue almost white eyes

I was born in the slave pens of Port Kar. I was an Exotic Boren and Raised my life was not my own. One day as my guard and I where taking a walk we were ambushed. The thieves thought it funny but I was terrifyed. Days turned into months and as as I was bargened for time and time again. And since he found no one would pay his price he took the collar and abandoned me in the  Vendara forest. I wandered for days untill he found me. I subbmitted to the one who saved my life. I could never be free I was born a slave and always will be one till my dying breath.


To my Master here are my words:

I submit to you my whole body I am your obedent slave and you my Master are my Master.  I swear my loyalty my love and my devotion. To you alone will I serve fully and completely. You are my Master and I your faithfully and Obedent slave.

He is Master I am slave,                    Has Two Giani

He is owner I am owned,               Little Black Male with Green Eyes-name-Kef

He commands and I obey,             Little White Female with Ice Blue Eyes-name-Mini

Why is this,

Because He is Master I am slave.

GianiThese are solitary, prowling, tiny cat-sized panthers. They live in the rainforests near Schendi and are not dangerous to man. "In the lower branches of the "ground zone" may be found, also, small animals, such as tarsiers, nocturnal jit monkeys, black squirrels, four-toed leaf urts, jungle varts and the prowling, solitary giani, tiny, cat-sized panthers, not dangerous to man." (Explorers of Gor, pg. 31)