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ĈгeąɱŚcôŋeş™'s Profile

Current Mood: Balanced
Female - *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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This is a fun place to chat to people from all over the world.

I prefer to chat in the room and not in a whisper.

​If you don't get to know me in the room don't whipser me.

I have been happily married to the same man for the last 31 years. 

I do not have time for drama.

ƒ𝗢𝖮𝙊𝘖𝑲𝑬R™ : Creamy is as nice as can be in person, (not a PAID endorsement) 

 TrashyKitten keep your hands to yourself are the last words i'd ever say to a guy ~~