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Current Mood: Calm
mini (*marlo, *bruno)
Female - 40 years old, *boulder, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

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I am only looking to join for a good time. I am not looking for any formal relationships. I like to watch tv and listen to music. I have a kitty cat that is called sly and we both live by our selfs. My favroite food is hotdogs and coke. My favroite movie is monty python. I really like radiohead and electric wizard. My hobby is journaling and writting I hope to one day work as a writer. I like to travel and I like to explore I want to travel over seas eventually. I like to watch cartoons and read the sunday funnys. I am 3.4 quarters of a vegetarian. I am a gemini , my favroite color is blue and I really like staing up late talking with people and haveing a good time. 




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