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Current Mood: Excited
MrClean (Mister, Clean)
Male - 69 years old, Home Town, United States
Sexual Orientation: Don't Like Labels
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Updated: 2023-03-07 1:46:53 pm Viewed 2,611 times Likes 4

I had life experiences at a young age...older people taking advantage of my curiosity.... With some professional assistance I've learned to embrace regrets as it's made me the person I am today.  Am a sun worshiper...the less clothes the better....Love meeting new and exciting people here and enjoy chatting with men and erotic chat....your pleasure is my pleasure...I'm a people person and a free spirit..don't let my age deter you....I don't chat in the public room so please whisper and say "hi"!... it's free therapy...remember when you're parents told you not to talk to strangers?....I look forward to it...If you've gotten this far I want to "thank you" for your interest to read my profile.