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Posted: 2017-03-15 12:48:01 am Category General Viewed 284 times Likes 1

Someone asked me a while back how I would describe friends. having been around chat for years, both as a host and as a participant, I have found several things about friends to be true. 

First you have to understand what a friend is , and what a friend isnt.

A "friend" talks to your face, not to your boobs.
A "friend" asks how your day went, not "what color panties are you wearing."
A "friend" asks to whisper you, not just send you screen shots of their private parts.
A "friend" doesn't ask you to loan them money.
A "friend" gives you warm hugs, and  not just for show.
A "friend" isn't afraid to acknowledge you in chat.
A "friend" doesn't ask to be your friend, to gain information about their signifigant other.
A "friend" doesn't talk about you behind your back.
A "friend" doesn't wonder about your journey.
A "friend"  doesn't make sarcastic  comments, not if they hurt another.
A "friend" doesn't laugh at you when other people do.
A "friend" doesn't bash other people, just for sport.
A "friend" isn't  afraid to say "hey, he/she's my friend."

These a just a few of the requirements for my friends, they may not work for you. If you find yourself on my short list, , God Bless, if not,...... well, maybe you need to work on your people skills. Remember , if you want friends, first you have to be one.

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2017-03-15 9:35:50 pm
Glad we are friends Sft (K)(K) ... and again I apologize for that email with the screenshots that I sent to you accidentally
2017-03-16 12:37:36 am
lol, I made the exception for you fan ;) lol (K)

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