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Current Mood: Inlove
Wirick (*, *)
Male - 101 years old, *Gor, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

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role play profile only:

Adopted and raised in Venna to be the son of a Lawyer and a Teacher. recently lost both His adoptive parents and in accordance stayed only in Venna long enough to take care of anything left outstanding. has found a place near water to work and enjoy being away from the crowded cities.. purchased His girl gemma from CPO on 11/12/19. proud owner of gemma 


In thinking you betrayed your oath, you were mistaken. Rather you were bringing about the very ends which it envisaged. Do you think that the meaning of an oath is in the words it wears? It is rather what it celebrates and intends, the meaning behind the meanings of the words. Repudiated in words, it was revered in deeds. Denied, it was fulfilled. Forsworn, it was kept. Honor rejected was honor transformed, honor restored. How often do we seek to do one thing and discover we have done another? How often we achieve ends which we do not intend. (Witness of Gor, p.657)