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New privacy setting for user photo albums.

2013-08-31 11:55:01 pm

You can now set your photo albums to private. ( Private means only users approved on your Buzzen Friends list will be able to view the album ). This option is per album so you can have some private and some public depending on your preferences.

In order to make an album private you must go to your album edit area and select the album from the dropdown. Once selected you should see a checkbox on the right that says Private Album. Check this box to make the album private. Uncheck it to make it public. Default is public

Once set to private only your approved friends will be able to see the album. New pictures in a private album will not show on the social page or latest pictures added area on your profile unless they are on your approved friends list.

This option was asked for by the users and it 100% optional. The default setting is public view. If you have any questions, concerns, or encounter any problems with the new privacy option please let us know.

Please note: If you select a picture to use as your profile background it will still show even if the album it is in is set to private.


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