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WebChat Upgrade

2019-06-15 7:38:35 pm

Our developers have updated the webchat. Some of the new features are as follows:

  • Time stamps can now be turned on/off - Right click on the channel window and click on Hide Timestamps/Show Timestamps to control visibility. 
  • Room Owners and hosts can now do room level broadcast messages to the room.
  • Room Owners and hosts can now use room dialogs for access list, modes, and prop

Any bugs or issues, please report them to HelpDesk. 
Thank You


2019-06-29 4:04:52 pm
Awesome, I really hate the Timestamping because it makes the chat more confuse.
2019-08-28 7:42:06 pm
If you need assistance, go to Help Desk.
2019-09-30 4:48:53 pm
Our Dev team are Investigating this, hopefully this will be fixed soon. :D
2020-05-27 8:43:56 am
I need to delete comments .....cara
2022-02-03 1:29:02 pm
I lost this account when Buzzen did it's site maintenance a while ago . Fortunately, it has apparently been revived. However, I can no longer view profiles and have lost spelling correction feature. I would like to restore them
2022-04-07 5:59:30 am
When I sign in, it says "Hello, beachee," but when I try to enter a room, a guest sign in pops up. I can't enter a room, even though I've been a member for ages. I've also tried the site that you use when the home site isn't working, and it won't take my log in.
2022-05-09 1:25:12 pm
For some reason, my Buzzen page went blank. What happened?
2022-07-22 12:44:09 am
what is error message 474
2023-01-31 10:10:27 pm
unable to enter chat room, page loads then messages "Disconnected try again in a couple of seconds" Unable to enter the Help Desk room. Can anyone assist me with this situation
2023-02-03 1:24:19 pm
Sir_Shandy ....if you are trying to connect through a VPN, Buzzen no longer allows VPN connections due to misuse by some chatters.
2024-02-24 11:37:11 am
cant get into chat still
2024-02-27 4:39:13 pm
News comments are not for support. Please send in a ticket with all pertinent information as i already answer one ticket from you.
2024-03-22 1:46:07 pm
I don't have vpn on my phone and I still can't

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