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2013-08-31 11:34:57 pm
I know many of you do not like change but in order to continue to grow and attract new users we must add new features. We have tried to make everyone as happy as possible by adding settings that will allow you to show what you wish to show as far as extras and we have even put a button ( located on the right next to the ad ) that will allow you to close the right side and only show the basics. I...
2013-01-28 9:28:39 am
You can now reflect your current mood on your profile. Just use edit profile to choose for a large list of moods along with emoticons to represent them.
  • Nÿx: The site sure is wonkers right now.. notifications are down, groups and profile lists are not...
  • Maggie_BCN: Go to help desk, Caramia. They can assist you there.
  • Caramia_Minx™: I have lotst my Messgee Connection can you help me
  • Maple_Muffin: I'm getting that error message, authentication failed, user not found..WHY?
  • KevinTheCarrot: why am i getting the error message, authentication failed,, user not found
  • ᙎαяяισя™: Our Dev team are Investigating this, hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  • »Pecks«™: what's with the server constantly disconnecting
  • Watch 👀Dog: how do add color, to messages?
  • Maggie_BCN: If you need assistance, go to Help Desk.
  • Chrissy999: why cant I log in to a room?