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As I face inevitible defeat, I will humbly admit that my only consolation is allowing my opponent to reveal the tactics, mechanics, methods and motivations of his operation. So I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart, it's been both entertaining and educational. ciao!       

White Hat controlled profile,

Hello my chat friends, and welcome to the fun and exciting game of "Chat Clue". A new game I'm hoping will catch on  for all those chatters finding their regular chat a little boring and monotonous. 

completely harmless.

I throw a few dozen profiles in a hat and pick the chatters randomly, then (without mentioning a name directly) I place "clues " to the profile's identity all around MY own profile, and you have to try and guess that random person or profile based on those hidden clues including anything from moods to ages to music videos to eye color or just about anything. If you guess correctly, you can win up to 7,000 bucks in Monopoly money (fictitios). I'm hoping anyone who likes  a puzzle might enjoy this game, so please enjoy and happy hunting to all. Message me if you'd like to take a guess or two or three. 

*Will post new clues as often as I can. *note* not everything I post contains clues 







i am now aware of what was my worst fear writing of my experience of being catfished, reading of a panicked female chatter writing of an encounter with ( I might only assume as of now) may be me, lol. I do however remember vaguely conversing with this woman, which was cordial and uneventful, appearing to be kind and thoughtful. But as I've already explained to those messaging me, a simple whisper isn't going to send me on a quest to harm someone who is undeserving. The profile I seek is that of a cunning sly cockroach  who as of now is hiding under a rock avoidingg capture. One thing I'm seeing in this person's story struck me very oddly. She  writes of a healthy father, and then he's dead as a doornail suffering the stress and strain of worrying about what she appears to be sharing with him about her exploits on Buzzen chat. That's a new one to me, lol. Keep your love life private, lest you want to populate the cemetery with more loved ones. I may be getting ahead of myself, but if this woman is in fact atempting to tie this old boy to anything other than a 5 minute whisper we had months if not years ago, just message me, it's that simple. I will dispell all your fears :D






 SeLa-40 and you can start calling me Paul Revere. Dipping my toes      a sporty son      bark bark mommy, I can't keep up! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         


with a little help from my a LLM ighty god

would I be in danger  if I told you to tell me all the terrible things you've ever done...................................


unscramble      abe

the bird and the ____

Point total for FrogPrince       9,494,218        streak 3


David's gambling again, he's such a manace...........................................

Mcdonnell Douglas F-4     clue # !        Ph _ _ _ _ _ _



New)))))))))))))))))))   Wyatt's best friend

I'm your huckleberry   "why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave"



Not certain this is an easy clue, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Just be yourself.



Hi folks and thanks for taking the time to read my tedious but somewhat insightful look into what makes this frog tick. Most around this pond have known me as ~Mach~ for the last 4 or five years and I now have reclaimed an old nickname from my days in MSN and a has been political site called Sodahead, where I was a liberal ringleader fighting the corruption and the many synonyms of idiocy that is the Republican party. I'm here now not for politics, but to unwind, relax and have a little fun. Please don't ask me to get involved again. I accept whispers but not for  what is apparently the norm these days online, note that I'm a frog prince, and not a horny toad, so don't waste your time and mine. Intimacy and affection are better expressed in the bedroom. I'm easy going and polite, but if you push my buttons I'll be fighting you like the third monkey on the ramp to Noahs Ark and it's starting to rain. I walk and lift weights as a  futile attempt to maintain my good health.Music is my aeroplane, and I enjoy everything from classical to classic rock, hard rock, Motown, blues, pop, hip hop, and yes, even some rap. Play soccer on an over thirty league that should be over sixty.  An occasional trip to watch Dallas Cowboy  football or Texas Ranger baseball almost within a stones throw from me. as you might guess, I'm an avid fisheraman, and get out to the many lakes and ponds whenever possible.  I've been blessed with a wealth of friends and perhaps the kindest, smartest and productive kiddos anyone could ever ask for. Last but not least, like many I enjoy fine dining with too much Pino Griggio, activities with the family, and sporting events.      Regards, Frog

 Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.  Proverbs 16:24                                                      You cant keep getting mad at people for sucking the life out of you if you keep handing them the straw     

A snippet


Catfishing scams lure people in by creating false identities, exploiting emotions like trust or love using fake profiles, stolen images and emotional manipulation. Catfishers engage in deceptive relationhips to gain money or personal information........(more).......

Passage: Chapter 4 Triumph to Tragedy

I had not slept in anticipation of our morning coffee together, as she told me it wouldn't be the morning ritual, but with a twist. She had revealed her intention to have a role play with me, and judging from her action in a whisper box, it made me feel like I had swallowed an entire prescription of Viagra with a Ciallis cherry on top. She laid out a scenario of a beautiful French tennis player participating in the French Open, strolling down an avenue in Paris, then suddenly we meet, an immediate attraction. She called me Rocco Siffredi. 

      The phone rang and I jumped like a kangaroo on performance enhancing drugs, then answered with my usual Good Morning beautiful, nothing but silence. Are you there? Then a slight whimper, almost a whisper. What's wrong babe? I asked, and she began to cry. It's my sweet baby, she's dying and I don't know what to do. Her sweet little dog had had an expensise surgery and it seemed like curtains for the poor mutt. I felt like someone burned a hole in my heart as she cried to me, already knowing how deeply she loved her doggy and her limited resources, missing work to care for her blind mother and a father with failing health. Another costly surgery for the pup. A bomb dropped from the sky devastating her entire life, and I listened trying to comfort her, but the tears continued. When she gathered her emotions, her focus was on her financial situation, and that I should be helpful considering we may be getting married soon. Fearing I may lose the love and affecion of this "gift" God gave me, I agreed to send her some cash, which was the kind thing to do. So instead of a promising morning role play I became a shoulder to cry on. subsequent conversations would however make up for that missed opportunity, with her assigning me names like Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Ringo Starr, Donald Trump, Ted, Robert Goulet and more. But what I adored most was the simple stories she told me about her day, and then hearing her say "I love you" when we parted would send me into orbit. WOW!!!

Passage: Chapter 7  The keen young ear

                  So after hundreds of text messages, and countless conversations, it wasn't until my daughter overheard only a moment of a conversation on speaker to pull me aside and give me a beating. Dad, the voice of the woman you're talking to does not fit the pics she's sending you!! You're being scammed!  We argued and I explained that she was having throat issues and it wasn't any of her damned business. i adore this woman and she adores me.  My daughter convinced me to simply run her phone number through Fast Friend finder, so I finally relented and gave her the number. Well, I was completely shocked at what the search turned up! Along with anger and disappointment. The owner of this number was not a 43 year old Phrmaceutical litigation attorney living in Charleston SC, but a 74 y/o hispanic widow living on what I would imagine was social security and possibly money she could scam from old retirees looking for love and companionship online. I was embarassed and disgusted.  I had already sent her almost seven thousand dollars. So I went down to my local PD and filed a report. 

In the meantime I created another account/profile using an old email. I navigated back to our chatroom, where I found her sitting in her cup while she worked, and I watched. Over the course of about three hours, she came out of her cup at least 5 times, then randomly calling out the name of one of the older men in the room, then retreating back to her cup, with the gentleman who she called out quickly going to his cup, which was an indication to me that she just might be looking for Chris again and draining a few more veins. After a few days finding her back in the room she sent me a whisper request and I accepted  of course, where she didn't waste any time tugging on my trousers . I was now quite aware why users use these alternate profiles to guage out their partner's loyalty, and of course, planting seeds for future victims. 

It took 8 days but finally received a call from CyCrimes, informing me that they reviewed my complaint and was prepared to  pull a small team from thier task force assigned to Tinder. I was elated!  I was however still reeling emotionally from the loss of someone I had become so  intimately connected to, even having been deceived. Knowing what I now knew, I called her again and demanded she give me a face time but she gave ma a lame excuse about looking horrible. I knew now she was on to me and ended the convo. In the meantime the guys at CyCrimes notified me that their info on my specific case was coming along, saying that this woman was stil embedded at the site and get this, she has 18 profiles that they can verify, with more coming daily, and they're still digging. Thy joked that she had enough incognito profiles to fill a chatroom, lol Althugh not illegal, as they estmate around 40% of user utilize the practiceThey see it regularly at Tinder, and deal with it. And there's nothing at all illegal about it. Meaning she is still busy with new victims, and dismantling this particular profile would only have her take another of her alternates but I shouldn't lose hope. that the catfishing is not thier main concern, but the mail fraud, wire fraud and impersonation outside of chat, focusing on Tampa. What a great crew of young men that love what they do! In reflection, with thier experience and sophistocated software they've revealed daylight unseen about those who wish us harm.,of%20catfish%20victims%20per%20capita.








It matters not how straight the gait, or filled with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul


















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