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Current Mood: Artistic
Male - 61 years old, Austin TX, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Divorced

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Feel 10/13/2020

No Sun, the cold and grey covers
My sight, and each breath adds
To the frost around me, above me,
Within me.

Something moves inside, struggles
Against the frozen shell but
There is no strength to shatter
The silence.

I should care, but can find no reason
To save what slowly dies inside the
To overcome the thing I have
Frozen into.

No tears come, not for myself but
For the person who took my heart
Lost forever, and I have no soul
To feel.

In Time 10/04/2020

Dawn breaks, light shining through
The warmth brings no comfort to
The sharp shadows in the corners
Reflecting only the shape of
A memory which yet abides.

Night falls and dreams awake
Words never said, soul exposed to
A mist of love that takes wings
To a place I cannot reach.

Breath fills me, reasonless and without
Purpose but to shelter your voice
Eternal in my ears I will hear you
Until silence comes at last.

In the memory of Sabine Sklar
passed 10/20/2003
My soul is empty without you, my love