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2020-06-21 8:19:52 am by Iskanbrrrrrr in category General
If you're still around
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2019-07-16 7:03:57 pm by Iskanbrrrrrr in category Lifestyle
Naw we don’t like to slave bash around here we just want to get the real old school Gorean out of you since you said you brought your old name back. It’s not nice to shelve a character then go to a different one then back to the other one 
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2019-07-09 10:31:34 am by Iskanbrrrrrr in category RolePlay
if anyone knows the whereabouts of Griogair, or anyone howo to contact him. please get a hold of me asap thank you!
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2019-05-05 3:43:36 pm by Iskanbrrrrrr in category RolePlay
the girl is officially released from my collar for lies and plagiarism. I had doubts about her from day 1 but gave her the benefit of a doubt, she has bad spelling, bad grammar, age 42 from england, says she is using audio books to read about Gor if anyone has any questions or want the scroll let me know
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2018-10-25 8:59:03 am by Iskanbrrrrrr in category General
she had to leave for now because she is having some bad medical problems, and has requested prayers for her in these tough times  Thank you 
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  • Iskanbrrrrrr: Alright sey or scy
  • Account Deleted: What? You the Gorean popo now? we??? what we??? Seems to Me you yourself have done things less...
  • ThieryW: You’re welcome.
  • Iskanbrrrrrr: thank you
  • ThieryW: I think he goes by William now. I’m pretty sure that’s what Siimone told me.